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The mayors of several French cities refused to lif

By: admin |
August 30 2016 16:30

The mayors of some French cities have declared that do not intend to follow the decision of the Supreme administrative court of France, who yesterday […]

The Sofia vegetable warehouse in St. Petersburg wo

By: admin |
August 30 2016 5:00

The police of St. Petersburg explains the circumstances of the shooting that took place at the Sofia ovoschebazah in the Frunze district. According to preliminary […]

Czech Prime Minister: We do not want to strengthen

By: admin |
August 29 2016 20:01

The Czech authorities do not want forming in the Republic a strong Muslim community. This was stated by 23 August, the Prime Minister of the […]

Канадский премьер выступил в защиту буркини и приз

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August 29 2016 20:00

Канадский премьер Джастин Трюдо после встречи с министрами по поводу законодательных планов правительства

In the Lipetsk region the drug dealer lived in a d

By: admin |
August 29 2016 18:30

The police of the Lipetsk region have detained over the weekend a man suspected of drug trafficking. The manhunt lasted for three years. As it […]