The Minister of transport Malaysia LIOU Tiong Lai on the meeting of Parliament the day before, November 15, reported that the investigation failed to establish the names of 100 people who are guilty of the death of a passenger airliner shot down over Donbass in 2014, writes The Star.

“Investigators need to interview each one of them to install all the parts, and when installed, who shot down the plane, we will do our best to conduct a trial in the Netherlands”, – said the Minister.

As for another Malaysian Boeing, the collapse of which has riveted the attention of the world, then, according to LIOU, a detailed technical report on what happened to flight MH370 will be released next year, after the completion of the search operation, covering 120 thousand square kilometers.

Currently, searches which are conducted with the participation of Australia and China in the southern Indian ocean, suspended. “We won’t stop, but we have temporarily postponed the search until new data”, – explained the Minister.

The plane of Malaysia Airlines, carrying out flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, disappeared from radar on March 8, 2014. About what happened with the liner, is still unknown.

Recall, Boeing 777, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down over Donetsk region 17 July 2014. Killing all 298 people on Board.

From published by the international investigation team report
was that the plane was shot down from PKR “Beech”, delivered from
the territory of Russia. The launch was carried out from agricultural fields
near the village of Pervomayskaya, which was under the control of separatists
Donetsk people’s Republic.

The Russian side, criticizing the report of the international investigation team,
insisted that objectivity should be taken into account
information from radar, meaning made on 26 September statement
Of the Ministry of defence that is located in the Rostov region “Utes-T” is not
recorded closer to the plane of any aerial objects from
the Eastern regions of Donbass.

However, on 6 October the General Prosecutor’s office of the Netherlands said that the investigation did not receive primary radar data on the disaster. According to representatives of Department, the investigators know about the existence of this information from publications in the press.

100 identified the perpetrators of the MH17 crash: they will be called in 2018 16.11.2016

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