The UK court sentenced the 101-year-old resident of Birmingham to 13 years imprisonment for sexual abuse of minors. Convict Ralph Clark became the oldest person brought before British justice.

s=”maintext”>As reported by BBC Russian service, the defendant was charged 30 episodes of dissolute actions committed from 1974 to 1983. Clark’s victims were two girls and one boy. He, however, admitted his guilt only in nine cases of harassment.

Forty years ago, Clark worked as a truck driver. He also had a garage where he repaired the kids bikes. There he found his victims. Last year two of the victims asked the court to punish the libertine.

According to Sky, one of those who has corrupted a former driver who wished lived to court the pedophile to die in jail and burn in hell. Clark himself throughout the proceedings kept your cool. According to the lawyer, his client, who in March will celebrate 102 years, suffering from diabetes, barely moving and badly sees and hears.

Announcing the verdict, judge Richard bond said: “the Public would be horrified if I didn’t send him to jail.”

101-year-old Briton received 13 years for abusing children 19.12.2016

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