In Novosibirsk employees of the municipal rescue service (AMIS) in the dead of night had to come to the help of 13-year-old teenager who was cutting her nails and stuck her finger into the ring from the nail scissors, and then was unable to free himself.

“Wearing a pair of scissors, a teenager trapped as yourself could not remove, – reported in the group of “Rescuers of the MASSES,” the social network “Vkontakte”. – Rescuers using hand tools were released from captivity fingers 13-the summer teenager”.

A call from the family of Kirovsky district received 28 October at 23:19. To arrival of rescuers the finger very swollen. As reported by the Deputy head of the MASSES Konstantin Maksimov, the first guy decided to wait for the father to work and till the evening passed with the scissors on his finger. “Papa came, too, were not able to remove. Well they called us,” quote it “NGS.News”.

In the end the rescuers had to carefully saw through the rim. The help of doctors the teen was not needed, added Maksimov.

A day earlier, on October 27, Novosibirsk rescuers had twice had to remove with the fingers of the female ring. “In the Kirov district 8-year-old girl wearing yourself decorative ring on the finger could not lift, he started to swell”, – told reporters the head of the MASSES Dmitry Fokin. In this case, the rescuers carefully snipped the ring and let go.

On the same day for help to rescuers turned 22-year-old resident of Kastrychnitski district with the strongest swelling of a finger due to wearing a ring. “As the girl explained, the ring was the wrong size and she wore it on her finger, but in the evening finger swelling, – reported in the online community MEUSE. – Wait until the morning, the girl called rescuers”. This unwitting captive rings are also freed from it, using small tools.

13-year-old Siberian has decided to cut the nails and stuck a finger in the ring shear – rescuers had to cut (PHOTOS) 28.10.2016

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