The first Federal TV channel Russia did release a current-show “Let speak” with Andrey Malakhov, the first resident of Ulyanovsk Diana S. At the age of 16, she was raped at a party my buddy, who is already sentenced. However, after the publicity of the crimes of Diana faced a wave of hatred and contempt, and her pictures became an Internet meme. The First channel invited the girl for the second time, and during the broadcast moralizers bring it literally into hysterics various accusations and reproaches.

Another transfer involving for 17-year-old Diana S. was released in the First channel on 20 February called “In the midst of a party. The sequel”.

The programme showed an interview with a convicted rapist Sergey Semenov. The colony prisoner denies wrongdoing and says the meeting with Diana ruined his life.

Diana and Sergey met at the birthday party of his friend March 31, 2016, which is celebrated in a rented cottage on the night of April 1. Diana to a party called friend, says Meduza.

On occasion the victim drink the vodka. Then she was subjected to sexual violence. Diana herself said that, left alone with Sergei, resisted and told him to stop, but the young man held her hands and continued abuse.

In December 2016, the court sentenced Semenova to eight years in a strict regime colony. However, upon appeal the Russian court reduced the sentence to three years and three months. Wine Semenova has been proven by the testimony of witnesses, expert reports and his own confessions, said the lawyer of the victim. However, the protection of the convicted person insists on his innocence.

To approve the sister of Sergei, after the alleged rape the victim was the second sexual contact at a party, but with a different young man and by mutual consent. The young man passed on business as the witness.

“As the girl after the rape may engage in other sexual contact by mutual consent, the victim declined to comment, said in a letter to cousin Sergei, sent to the editor of “Oppressi”. – Dean’s testimony suggests that Serge she was beaten, tortured, penetrated in the anus. But the examination showed that there was no break and the sperm in the vagina of the victim is not found.”

Bruising and dejected condition of the victim also none of the partygoers did not notice, said a relative of the convict.

Immediately after sentencing in a social network “Vkontakte” there was a support group of the victim (more than 13 thousand subscribers) and convicted (more than 53 thousand participants).

Sergey’s family decided to fight the unfair, in their opinion, a sentence using the publicity on the Federal television. The family of the victim also was not against the involvement of the public, which is regularly “warm up” television shows about scandals and intrigue.

Public persecution

January 31 in the First channel showed the program “Let speak” with the title “In the midst of a party”. It was attended by mother and sister Sergei and Diana with father. In fact, the aggrieved party was in the role of the accused.

In particular, Diana is asked questions that lead to thoughts about her “promiscuity”: how she drank alcohol that day, why spread to the Internet video in which she is “drunk” (referring to the videowhere Diana rides with friends in the car, listening to the song with the chorus “we love drugs and sex”).

Also Diana and her family were accused of selfish motives. According to the mother of Sergei Semenov, the father of the girl requested one million roubles in exchange for a promise to take a statement and to contribute to the closure of the criminal case.

Posted on Youtube a video transmission collected to date, 9.5 million hits. But most Internet users as viewers of the program, expressed sympathy for the perpetrator, not the victim. “You can see she’s a typical *** He’s innocent I’m sure,” “It hide full. I even watch this I can’t. Immediately obvious she’s lying, sitting laughing, smiling… give Birth to such scum, and guys to suffer… Maybe she’s not one already planted… Ugh, hide,” the commentators write.

Other disgusting comments cited earlier “Snob”: “I now have a dream: that this stupid *** really raped in the woods, so much so that all ripped up and she’s still a couple of days there to die with infernal pains. Kid sorry: the skins will lose three years, and even then it is on his life will be affected”; “an Ordinary mutual fuck drunk because of shame slut turned into public knowledge and condemnation of an innocent man”; “Lived normally quite a decent guy, who educated sister, a good mother. And lived the scum that ruined this guy’s life”.

The air of “Let them talk” also spawned a flood of memes with Diana in which her quoted phrase from the transfer: “little” and “squat”. This refers to alcoholic intoxication of the victim, which is often considered a mitigating circumstance for the perpetrator.

Life used large frame Diana from the program for promotion of the public “Vkontakte”, but later deleted this meme. And the company Burger King turned meme with Diana in advertising their new promotion, “the Second big king for free” in the same social network “Vkontakte”. However, the advertisers used a photo and a painted silhouette reminiscent of Diana. However, Internet users quickly recognized the image. After rising wave of indignation Burger King post was deleted.

After the release of TV shows with her participation Diana was attacked near his home. And her father who is a truck driver, complained about the fact that someone slashed the tires of his car.

Now the family have to constantly change their place of residence. However, when the girl was again invited to the First channel, she did not give up.

In the issue of February 20, intonation Andrey Malakhov has changed dramatically. Now he is more sympathetic talking to the heroine of the program, claiming that she was “raped a second time by social networks.” In the frame of Diana cries a lot. She changed her hair, became a meme, and is more sympathy even willing to throw accusations of the audience. And now, faced with persecution, the girl “really suffering”, decided gathered.

However, moralists are still many claims to Diana. “When my friend was raped, she just screamed, and jumped from the third floor,” said one of the participants in the program, hinting probably a suicide.

Public figure Pavel Pyatnitsky literally brought Diana out when confidently asked her why she allegedly did not go directly to the police. The girl jumped up and rushed to the participant in the transfer, so she had to hold the mother. Diana moved to cry, and the man began to yell in response. No one, including the host, did not stop him, and the passions boiling continued.

Pyatnitsky also said that the father of Diana “would have killed everyone in the house, where he raped his daughter.”

The audience were interested in questions concerning the actions of rape victims, and not painful reaction of a society.

17-year-old resident of Ulyanovsk, raped at the party, hounded on TV and in social networks 21.02.2017

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