Police Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky received a complaint from an elderly local resident, who suffered from Internet fraud. The woman transferred a few million rubles to his virtual friend in the hope that he would marry her. The attacker was posing as a major nuclear scientist with American citizenship. For the love of him, the victim broke up with his apartment and took the credit.

According to deceived the Russians, who dreamed of a good marriage, in early February she met on a social network with a certain person, who was impersonating her age and a US citizen, raising two children. He also said that work on the island of Aruba on a secret project of the European organization for nuclear research (CERN), according to the official website of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs.

During virtual communication, which lasted three months, the malefactor “by deception and abuse of trust stole the victim a total of more than four and a half million rubles.”

“The woman took out a Bank loan, sold his apartment and borrowed from friends, reads the press release. – She was sure that the acquaintance by correspondence will marry her and move with children in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

The Russian was waiting for her on a U.S. Bank account (the opening of which she initially paid 25 thousand dollars) will transfer the beloved one and a half million dollars. According to “the scientist”, the money he owed the leadership of CERN.

After receiving the money overseas in love with the groom, a resident of Kamchatka had planned to buy a more spacious housing, in which her and caring father of two teenage boys would be enough places”, said AMIA.

In fact received a curious statement about the failed wedding a “secret scientist” and an elderly Russian woman, the police conducts a preliminary examination.

We will remind that cases of cheating the gullible residents of the Russian Federation, techtausa on marriages with foreigners, have occurred in the past. Two years ago in the same trap hit the pensioner from Volgograd region.

It was reported that 65-year-old resident of Kamyshin met at one of international social networks with a man, who identified himself as a U.S. citizen. After two months of communication “American” have demonstrated a willingness to move to his beloved in Russia.

According to the overseas fiance to finally move from the United States, he had to execute the documents and complete the projects with his business. However, the cash required for the move, the boyfriend was not there, and he asked the pensioner for financial assistance.

“The woman turned to their friends and relatives, took money from them in several stages through an international system of money transfers during the month were allegedly sent to him abroad”, – said in a press release.

After receipt of each remittance, the foreigner thanked the komyshanka, promising on his arrival to Russia to sell his collection of gold coins to repay the debt. When the total amount of funds reached 800 thousand rubles, the groom is the cheater has stopped.

After some thought thrown overage bride went to the police.

50-year-old resident of Kamchatka got into debt and sold the apartment to translate “American groom” 4.5 million rubles 25.05.2016

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