Moscow investigators opened a criminal case against the pensioner, who is suspected of pedophilia. Elderly man attacked the young girl and bitten her. It happened in the apartment of a pensioner, where the girl went with the intention to see the bunnies.

At the moment the victim is a nine year old girl is in hospital. She diagnosed bites and sexual violence, according to

According to preliminary data, the crime was committed on the Krasnodar street in the capital’s Lyublino district. Retired lured playing on the Playground the girl to his apartment, promising to show bunnies.

“The man kidnapped the child and brought a home near the site. There it is about an hour committed against a child, forcible acts of a sexual nature, biting and mocked,” – said a source in law enforcement bodies.

The girl managed to escape from the home of an alleged pedophile when the man was distracted and walked into the kitchen”.

“The tormented girl ran to mom and reported the incident,” added the source.

72-year-old suspect Michael Novikov was arrested at the place of residence. He was charged under several articles of the criminal code.

Additionally, the investigators of the Rostov region also recently announced the capture of a pensioner libertine. He was suspected of repeated rape of three girls aged 11-12 years.

According to investigators, 65-year-old resident of Oblivskiy district, “using the trust of the girls living next door to him, repeatedly made concerning them dissolute actions”. The man also “invited girls to his home, where they showed using personal computer movies with pornography.

Staff Morozov Interdistrict investigatory Department SK of the Russian Federation incriminated to the suspect “b” part 4 St. 132 the criminal code (Violent actions of sexual character”), reported the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

72-year-old Muscovite bitten and raped the girl, luring her into the apartment with the promise of show bunnies 25.07.2016

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