The Deputy of the British Parliament from the Conservative party, David Davis suggested the teeth of the true age of young migrants coming into the country to relatives in the refugee camp “the Jungle” in the French city of Calais. This initiative he announced in particular in his Twitter.

The MP suspected that the refugees specially misrepresent age to the status of minor to be able to reunite with families living in the UK. Some people have supported Davis, and the others fell on him with criticism.

Against the proposal of the MP were made by the dentists. The British dental Association (BDA) on Wednesday, October 19, stated that such tests are unethical. “This method of age determination not only inaccurate. To do x-ray people without a medical need is wrong and unethical,” said a representative of the Association, quoted by “Russian service of BBC”.

David Davis is not alone in his suspicions. Doubt in the age of migrants established in their words, was expressed by many readers of British Newspapers, studied the report of the arrival in Britain of the first batch of the unaccompanied minors migrants from Calais. For example, the assumption that migrants are “inflated” power, deliberately reducing your age, you can read in the comments to the article in the publication The Daily Mail. Taxpayers are outraged because you don’t want to trust the British authorities have used adult refugees.

In his Twitter David Davis also wrote that migrants are “not like children”. “I hope that British hospitality is not abused”, he added.

These don’t look like “children” to me. I hope British hospitality is not being abused.

A British MP has angered dentists offer to determine the age of migrants in the teeth 19.10.2016

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