The current UK member of Parliament Andrew Mitchell compared the military Russia’s support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with the support given to the fascist regime
Germany the rebellion of General Franco in Spain in the 1930-ies, and
the bombing of Aleppo with bombing of Guernica in 1937, according to

“We are witnesses of the events corresponding to the behavior
the Nazi regime in Guernica in Spain,” Mitchell said of the attacks on
the civilian population in Syria.

Commenting on Russia’s veto, block
On 8 October the UN proposal to stop the airstrikes in Aleppo and flights
military aircraft above the city, Mitchell said, “They destroy the UN and its
the ability to act in the same way as the Germans and the Italians destroyed the League
Nations in 1930-e years”.

The League of Nations – the prototype of the UN, it was created by Victor countries in
The first world war in 1919, to prevent armed
conflict and aggression. Germany, the loser in this war
joined the League in 1926. After coming to power of Hitler in
1933 held a national referendum, the results of
which country left the League of Nations.

This is not the only historical analogy with the Nazis, which
remembered in the West after the bombing. German Bild compared
Russia’s actions in Syria with the atrocities of the German army during the Second
world war and called President Vladimir Putin “the main
the culprit of Stalingrad XXI century”.

The RAID of the German Legion “Condor” on Guernica

The analogy, which was held by Andrew Mitchell, refers to the events
the civil war in Spain – the conflict between the government
the Spanish popular front (Republicans) and
a military-nationalist dictatorship, led by General Francisco
Franco. Franco, supported by fascist Italy and Nazi Germany,
one of the episodes of this support was the RAID of the German Legion “Condor”
on Guernica – historical and cultural center of the Basque Country.

26 April 1937 the town with a population of five thousand people some groups
aircraft connection military aircraft of Nazi Germany
(division of the Luftwaffe) dropped 50 – and 250-pound bombs.

Officially the goal of the operation declared the undermining of the bridge, however, after the bombing of two bridges in the town were intact. However, due to the use of Nazi incendiary bombs, a fire occurred that destroyed most of the city. The latest bombers, not seeing the target due to smoke, bombed blind. The fire did not stop until the next day due to the lack of firefighters and is believed to have caused a large number of victims, the number of which, according to various estimates, ranges from 120 to 300 people.

The bombardment of the city was the subject of the famous painting by Pablo Picasso 1937
years and the motive of the film Fernando Arrabal “the Tree of Guernica”, filmed in

Strike on Aleppo

In the bombing of Aleppo killed at least 338 people
and from the Eastern part of the city controlled by the rebels, it was reported
on the use of incendiary phosphorus bombs. In early September
Russian aerospace forces of using phosphorus bombs in air strikes in Syria
the Turkish media.

About 250 thousands of inhabitants can’t leave the city, in
siege. The city suffers from a shortage of food and medicines.

The British Parliament discussed what the country can do for
overcoming the humanitarian crisis. Conservative Sutton Caulfield said
“systematic use of weapons with indiscriminate effect, in
densely populated areas is a war crime,” Mitchell
accused the Russian Federation in the bombing of UN convoy with humanitarian aid to
September, and labour MP John woodcock called on “to show the people of Aleppo, which
the world has not turned away from him,” and to give Russia to understand that its actions are not
remain without consequences.

In the Syrian army told, after the capture of Aleppo

The Syrian army is making plans, which will be sent blows after the establishment of full control over Aleppo.
“The most important thing for us now the tasks are in three provinces:
Deir-ez-Zor, raqqa and Idlib, said RIA “Novosti” a source in the army
SAR. – Therefore, the strategy of the Syrian Arab army definitely will
focused on these regions (after the liberation of Aleppo). But how
will be a priority in the end, will decide the top
the military and political leadership”.

According to the military, Idlib hit the list of priorities of the army
due to deployment in the province of the terrorist group “Dzhebhat
EN-Nusra” (banned in Russia), and also because of the proximity to the Turkish border.
Raqqa, said the officer, due to the concentration of extremists
Islamic state (DAISHterrorist
group banned in Russia).

“Deir ez-Zor – the most important city in the Eastern region, especially given
the close location to the areas rich oil fields. DAYS
benefits from their exploitation and allocates funds for
funding and material support to terrorist
activities”, – said the officer of the Syrian army.

About the need to investigate war crimes of Russia in Syria said
the head of the US state Department John
and French foreign Minister Jean-Marc

3 October the us state Department declared,
that the US cease negotiations with Russia on the settlement of the situation in
Syria and withdraw its staff, which was supposed to participate in
the creation of a joint Executive center. Washington’s Decision
due to the fact that “Russia has failed to fulfill its promises
including its obligations under international humanitarian law”.
Washington said “or Moscow’s unwillingness, or the inability to
forced the Syrian regime to cooperate”.

A British MP has compared the actions of Russia in Syria with the bombing of Guernica by the Nazis 11.10.2016

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