Mozhaisk city court of Moscow on Monday, November 21, extended the detention period of Rafik Ismailov, brother of the former owner of Cherkizovsky market Telman Ismailov, in the case of the murder of two Metropolitan entrepreneurs.

“At the request of the investigator in respect of Rafik Ismailov extended the measure of restraint in form of arrest till February 16,” – quoted by TASS message of the Moscow regional court.

According to RIA “Novosti”, the Rafik Ismailov was detained and then arrested two months ago. Ismailov and the second defendant in the case, Mehman Kerimov, charged with part 2 of article 105 (“Murder of two and more persons”) and article 222 (“Illegal arms trafficking”) of the criminal code. According to investigators, they were involved in the murder in may of 2016 the owner of the shopping complexes Vladimir Savkin and founder of the company “Lublin-motors” Yury BRILYOV.

The double homicide occurred on Novorizhskoye highway in the Moscow region 16 may 2016. The consequence considers that Rafig Ismailov and killed the owner of the retail space, Vladimir Savkin could be a financial dispute, a jury question was a random victim.

Sources Life reported that investigators have proved Ismailov brought to the place of murder of the killer, Mehman Kerimov. The brother of the oligarch Telman Ismailov met with businessmen on the machine his son Raul.

“The arrested killer has set up a meeting with the dead Vladimir Savkin at BP petrol stations on Novorizhskoe highway on the evening of may 16. By chance Savkin took with him to the meeting Director, “Lyublino-motors” Yury BRILYOV. A few minutes before the arrival of businessmen to the gas station drove a Mercedes, owned by Raul – nephew of Telman Ismailov. The investigation found that the vehicle, together with the direct killer by Mehman Kerimov was Rafik Ismailov. It was recorded by a surveillance camera,” says a source close to the investigation.

According to the records of video cameras of the gas station, “Mercedes”, which left Ismailov, was parked in the depth of the filling. From the salon came out Mehman Kerimov and after a short conversation with Vladimir Savkin sat in the “land cruiser” to Savkino and Brilev. A jeep with a shot businessmen later found a few kilometers from the gas station. Merchants were shot in the head.

Mehman Kerimov, who was soon arrested, said that killed Savkin for the debt in the amount of 500 thousand dollars. However, the investigation revealed that the conflict was not between Kerimov and Savkin, and between Savkin and Ismailov.

“Vladimir Savkin together by Rafik Ismailov was co-owner of a large shopping complex in Moscow. Ismailov sold the business and took all the money. Slain he owed several million dollars, and Savkin, tried to return the favor. Mehman Kerimov played in this conflict the role of mediator and met with the victims as the negotiator in resolving the conflict,” – says the source of Life.

The son of the slain businessman, Roman Savkin, told Lifethat six months pestered the Investigative Committee to secure the arrest of the brother of the oligarch. In his words, Rafik Ismailov was his father 5.5 million dollars for the sale of the total business.

“First they detained Mehman Kerimov, and he took all the blame. But I knew that the motive was only the Rafik Ismailov, his presence at the meeting of the father and of the victim showed the security camera at the gas station. Despite all the facts, including billing calls Ismailov suspect Kerimov at the time of the meeting, the investigator and the administration of SC po krasnogorskomu RAYONU refused to hold Ismayilova. They argued that lack of evidence. I went from office to office until I managed to get an appointment to Bastrykin,” says Roman Savkin.

After that the necessary investigations had been organized just a few days, and the court had directed the petition for arrest of the defendant. According to the son of the slain businessman, the case is the statement of the victim about the confession and Ismailov argues that only picked up his friend.

A brother of the former owner of the Cherkizovsky market accused of the murder of two businessmen 21.11.2016

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