A colleague of a Russian officer Sergey Dubinsky, who was responsible, according to the version of the international expert and the journalistic group Bellingcat, for transportation from Russia to the Donbass missile complex “Buk”, which was later shot down Malaysian Boeing MH17, turned to the friend with the video. In it the leader of Zaporozhye self-defense, a combat veteran in Afghanistan Sergei Tiunov, previously heard the voice of a brother in the records of negotiations of separatists on the move, “Buck,” SBU intercepted the day of the crash, warned a colleague that he is “doing the extreme” on the part of guilt in the collapse of the liner, and offered to help.

A video message published on Wednesday, may 17, “the New newspaper”. According to the publication, initially Dubinsky, currently living in Rostov-on-don, confirmed his friendship with Tiunova and agreed to receive his message from a newspaper reporter. But at the appointed day an officer ceased to leave on communication, although they continued to go on their pages in social networks.

The message Tiunov Dubinsky explained that after identifying his voice on the recordings of negotiations between the separatists on the day of the crash Boeing “in the world press on Ukrainian sites” expose the guilty in the crash. “You’re burnt, your voice is identified and they’ll do extreme,” says the video veteran.

However, Tiunov notes that, in his opinion, Dubinsky – “not the main perpetrator in the event that happened.” “It is clear that for them [the Dutch investigators] you the weakest link. They can’t reach those people who gave the team that pushed the buttons that caught the sight of this aircraft,” – said the author of the video message.

In this situation, Tiunov offered Dubinsky legal aid, Recalling that he was a lawyer. “I told [you]: there will come a time of peace, and if someone is brought to justice, I am willing to act as a defender in the process,” said the veteran. Tiunov stressed that he does not want the responsibility for the plane crash in the Donbass Dubinsky, and invited the colleague to get in touch. The last two years, he did not respond to letters and phone calls.

The leader of the self defense of Zaporizhia reminded about how Dubinsky has helped him save several from captivity of Ukrainian soldiers during the conflict in the Donbass. “One of the guys that you’re then freed, a son was born. And the son know what he called? Sergei! And believe me, it is not in my honor,” said the veteran.

According to Tiunova, at the end of the 1980s, along with Dubinsky he served in Afghanistan. In one of the meetings for veterans in 2014, Dubinsky said that is not guilty in the attack on flight MH17, and blamed the leadership in Moscow, told “Novaya Gazeta” Tiunov.

The publication has learned that as of may 2015 Dubinsky received monthly payments from the Ministry of defense of Russia: in the first five months he accrued about 300 thousand rubles. The officer denied the fact of receiving a paycheck from the Department, calling the charges “a pension for old injuries”.

Examination showed: Gloomy and Dubinsky is one and the same person

In April, “Novaya Gazeta” published an interview Tiunova, in which he confirmed the involvement of Dubinsky to the attack on a passenger Boeing in the Donbass in July 2014. The veteran recognized the voice of a colleague on the recording of telephone conversations between the head of military intelligence DND with the Callsign Gloomy, which, presumably, is Dubinsky, and the other fighter DNI with the call sign Drilled. These negotiations were intercepted by the SBU in the day of the crash in October 2015 published by the International investigation team (JIT).

The materials JIT Gloomy figures as responsible for the movement of rocket launchers from the border with Russia on the territory controlled by the self-proclaimed representatives of the people’s Republic.

The special correspondent “the New newspaper” has managed during a telephone conversation with Dubinsky record his voice to compare it with the Gloomy voice on the recording SBU intercepted negotiations. For independent examination the publication is addressed to the phonoscope laboratory studies Voxalys at the Institute of neuroscience and physiology Gothenburg University.

Swedish experts have compared the voice of Dubinsky speech Gloomy and Buryat. The study was led by the forensic analyst and member of the Executive Committee of the International Association of forensic phonetics and acoustics Jonas Lind. The experts came to the conclusion that the Sullen voice on the records of the SBU and Dubinsky belongs to one and the same person.

Bellingcat group, collecting information from open sources, February 15, presented the report “Identification with a Scowl,” in which he called responsible for transportation in the Donbas “Buka”, which was hit by Boeing, the Russian officer Sergey Dubinsky. The conclusions of the specialists was based inter alia on data from the negotiating missile system intercepted by the SBU.

After the publication of the report communication Sullen and Dubinsky has been questioned. Russian service of the BBC got in touch with the person who, presumably, is Dubinsky, and he told reporters that the published Bellingcat report is an attempt “to pull the owl on the globe” and “a mixture of selected facts and lies”.

March 2, Bellingcat has published the second part of the report, which reported “strongly support” the fact that the fighter with a call sign is Gloomy Dubinsky. One of the main evidence in the Bellingcat consider column actor Ivan Okhlobystin on the website of the TV channel RT, in which he writes: “Sergey Dubinsky Callsign Gloomy – respected Russian military…”

In the preliminary report of the joint investigation team (JIT) to investigate the crash Boeing in the Donbass, published in September last year, claimed that the plane was shot down by a missile 9M38 series, released from anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”. The launch site was named a field near the village of Pervomayskaya, which, according to investigators, was under the control of the separatists of the DPR. Shot down the plane “Buk” was delivered from Russia, established investigators.

A Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines, carrying out flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down on 17 July 2014 over separatist-controlled territory in Donetsk region. Killing all 298 people on Board.

A colleague of a Russian officer involved in the case about the crash Boeing in the Donbass, proposed to fellow legal aid 17.05.2017

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