Sergeant 536-th separate coastal missile and artillery brigade of the military unit 10544 in the Murmansk region Vladimir Marchuk has complained to the Council on human rights at the President (SPCH) on separation from service, which he linked with his refusal to go fight in Donbass. The military command, in turn, insists that the cause of the breach of contract became a disciplinary offence for a soldier.

In his address to the HRC, which has acquainted journalists of RBC, Marchuk pointed out that on 10 November he was dismissed from service by violation of his rights under the contract. In the defense Ministry, however, emphasize that the Sergeant repeatedly brought to disciplinary responsibility for serious violations of discipline, and at the end of last year and was caught drunk behind the wheel.

As told reporters he Marchukov, in late January of last year of contract his team caused in the galley part 10544, where the Colonel Rustam Sengepov allegedly threatened subordinates with dismissal if they refused to go to war in Ukraine. A few people refused, the remaining 56 went to the village of Sputnik near Murmansk, where is the 61st separate Kirkenes red banner naval infantry brigade.

There soldiers passed military training with the change of military occupational specialties. Marchukov received sailor the position of the arrow. In the village the soldiers have repeatedly complained about the cold in the barracks. Later in the conversation with the military in place there arrived the Deputy on educational work part 10544 Colonel Vyacheslav Okan.

According to the publication, the Colonel recalled the military about the need to travel to Ukraine. The officer in particular said that “does not exclude the option of switching to the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions to provide direct assistance.”

“If you don’t want to protect, if they crush the Luhansk and Donetsk… They are now used on the 20th anniversary of razgromlena Russia and we have not led a normal job. They came to power. Further the situation will lead to the fact that they come in Stavropol, Krasnodar Krai, Rostov, Bryansk and so on. If you don’t go there and won’t protect them there, you can’t protect them here”, said Okan.

Marchukov from a trip to the Donbass refused, and his wife filed a complaint to the HRC. “After the treatment of his wife in HRC part command denied sending the contract to Ukraine; it explained that they were sent for retraining. But it does not have to change in military card military profession”, – said the Sergeant in a conversation with journalists.

After a complaint to the HRC in part to check arrived the special Commission from the defense Ministry. Deputy defense Minister Nikolai Pankov in March in a statement to the HRC denied the information about sending in the Donbass Murmansk contract, the newspaper notes.

However, in his complaint to the HRC Marchuk reported on the pressure command after the scandal in the Satellite. According to him, the authorities illegally entered in his service card recovery, forging signatures. These marks he later failed to report to the military Prosecutor.

A year after the events in the Satellite, in January 2016, division Marchukova reduced and the Sergeant was placed in state, however, his contract was extended. After a month of service Marchukova presented a certification sheet, which stated disciplinary breach of contract.

For recertification, scheduled for November 8, Marchukov went. Two days later he was dismissed from the armed forces by order of the commander of the Kola flotilla. The Sergeant calls the certification “show” because after that he had lost service card with the order for removal of Prosecutor’s office of the brigade commander and all illegal punishment.

Marchuk also drew attention to the fact that he was not given a photocopy of the document, despite an appropriate application. Sarge is confident that the order of his dismissal is illegal and is directly connected with the refusal to go to the Donbass.

The commander of the unit 10544 Colonel Yury Ryazantsev in conversation with journalists, however, said that lie failed certification because of drunk driving. “December 31 last year he was stopped drunk driving. Documents in part came just now, he tried to arrange to have the documents did not come to command,” said the Colonel.

Marchuk acknowledged that it really has to stop drunk driving, but about the incident, according to him, he immediately reported to the command and paid the fine. “I have been punished for an administrative offence. We serve as division officers, who are deprived the rights for drunk driving, and the bosses know this,” he said.

In the Department of information and mass communications of the Ministry of defense reporters said that after the inspections office and the military Prosecutor’s office any serviceman of the military unit 10544 confirmed cases “send, including under pressure and duress in a combat zone in the South-East of Ukraine.”

The defense Ministry stressed that Marchukov “careless attitude to the orders of senior commanders and their responsibilities, according to commanders and co-workers, zeal for service had not been weary of intense combat training and sought to transfer to a more relaxed position.”

According to the military, the Sergeant repeatedly subject to disciplinary action for gross misconduct. After the arrest Marchukova drunk driving examination Board has decided to fire Sergeant early stock in connection with the violation of the terms of the contract, concluded in the defense Ministry.

Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE in the 2.5 years I counted over two dozen cars with the inscription “cargo 200″, which were taken from the East of Ukraine to Russia the bodies of the dead. As stated at the beginning of November the US representative to the OSCE Daniel Baier, it was the body of the Russian military.

October 27 “the OSCE observer mission at Gukovo and Donetsk recorded as another vehicle to transport the victims, identified by the code “200” – for losses of the Russian military – crossed the border between Russia and the territory held by the separatists. And this is just the latest of more than twenty such vehicles, recorded in two and a half years – only those who were observed”, – said the representative of the United States.

Bayer also said that the Kremlin continues to deny its direct involvement in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The representative of the United States urged Russia “to cease violence and fully implement the agreement on the withdrawal of troops.”

In January 2015 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine recognized Russia as “an aggressor country”. In Kiev and the West do not get tired to assert, that Russia is backing separatists in the breakaway territories of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics and that there are Russian military.

In Moscow deny this information, claiming that Russia is not a party to domestic conflict and active military personnel the armed forces in the Donbas and Luhansk not. Fighting in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine began in the spring of 2014, after the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

A contractor reported the dismissal due to his refusal to fight in the Donbass 22.11.2016

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