A group of strippers from the U.S. state of Louisiana sued for the input of local authorities of the prohibition to dance on a pole to girls under the age of 21. As reported by The New Orleans Advocate, by publishing a copy of the claim, three wished to remain anonymous dancers believe that such a law will encourage women to prostitution, depriving them of opportunities to make the dance.

The ban comes into force on 1 October. Plaintiff appealed to the court about a week ago, the date of hearings is not appointed yet. They perform under the pseudonyms “Jane DOE” and tested numerically.

According to young strippers, the new law would violate their right to freedom of expression. In addition, they point to the discriminatory component of the law. As stated in the text of the bill, it only restricts the age of women Topless, but not men. They believe that men are the prohibition will not apply, and they still get to dance with 18 years of age.

Note that the ban applies only to new dancers, and those who are already working in the field of strip and which 21, will be able to continue to make a living. However, the court has applied in strippers believe that the law may push many girls who could dance on a pole, to prostitution.

We add that Louisiana is allowed to have sex with 17 years old, but to purchase alcohol you must be 21 years. Strippers in the lawsuit also States that “there is no evidence that the age limit will have any impact on human trafficking (one of the arguments in favor of the ban given by the authorities). Earlier Senator Ronnie John, speaking in support of this provision, stated that the law will allow to prevent the trade of the female body and to provide security for women.

A couple of strippers from American Louisiana complained about the prohibition to dance on a pole up to 21 years 28.09.2016

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