After Investigation by the Committee of inspection
reports of abuse of pupils in the Moscow 57th school about two
former teachers of this school Boris Meyerson and Mary
Nemser, a criminal case under part 4 of article 135 “Depraved
actions committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy or
an organized group,” wrote the “Moscow
. The investigation will lead the Main
investigatory management SKR across Moscow.

Boris Meyerson and Mary nemser suspected that
from March 25, 2010 entered into a preliminary agreement, committed
indecent assault against a pupil of the school. The Publication Of”The Media”
notes that in the original version of the message “MK” was told
the student at the time of committing him of indecent assault was 16
years. Later, the reference to age was removed from the publication without
explanation. Meanwhile, 16 years old, under the Family code of the Russian Federation, is the age
sexual consent.

In the report of the representative of the Main investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across
Moscow Yulia Ivanova, which is quoted by TASS, said: “According to
the investigation, in the period from April to December 2010 Meyerson, together with
his friend, nemser being in the apartment of one of houses
located in the Western district of Moscow, repeatedly
committed sexual acts against the boy,
the time of the crime under 16 years of age.”

Indecent assault, said TASS, committed, according to the investigation,
for eight months in 2010.

Mary Nemzer graduated from this school in 2008 and worked as a teacher in
Lyceum Higher school of Economics (her page on
the HSE website does not open, but in the list of teachers she
still appears), and then in the 57-th school (as a teacher of history
she named
in the list of teachers 2014, posted on the website

According to the latest reports, Maria nemser in social networks, it is now
he moved to Israel, and Mr. Boris Meerson. In LiveJournal
blogger Sergei Ivanov, positioning itself as a Russian patriot,
with reference to Moscow the Israeli Rivka Gershovich (one of the students
57-th school, who admitted in connection with Meershaum) it was reported that nemser
lives with Meershaum in the town of Yokneam Illit to the South-East of Haifa.

Pedofila of 57-th school began on August 29 with the post
in Facebook the journalist Ekaterina Krongauz, which claimed that
one of the teachers – Boris Meyerson – engage in sexual relations with
students over 16 years of age, which was known to many teachers and guides

Graduate school N 57 Natalia Malanicheva in your Facebook
told the story of a school trip for a picnic with the class teacher
Boris Meerson. The whole company were hiding from the teacher to drink
alcohol or smoke, and in the morning we went to sleep, and tipsy
Natalia is left alone with a drunk teacher and a graduate. Meyerson
when it began to molest a drunken graduate, and she ran out of
room and did not tell parents because she was ashamed
to admit to Smoking and alcohol consumption. The story is presented,
in particular, the website Medialeaks.

Mary nemser admitted in the comments to the post, that she was the one
graduate, left alone with Meerson in its history, and
the victim himself does not believe: “first, while you are full
the debunking of the nebula and disruption of the integument, it is strange that in all
this story you’re not called exactly the same name. My. I’m a direct
participant in the events. I remember this trip. Secondly, you are much
misinterpret the facts. In particular, one of us was sober, and who was not. I
personally was force-feeding you water and tea after you kick to
hell what condition. I sleep was. And the long and
thoroughly explained your class teacher that it is not
a lot of drunk that don’t need to call your parents, everything will be fine.
Third, what in my personal life, you’re hallucinating – all
basis under a no. Even assuming you’re right, we get
two older people behind closed doors. But this relationship to
reality has not”.

“During my training, systematic pressure I felt from
one teacher, and female. I somehow thought that “we are not
agreed one theological question,” but now
confidently assume unrequited lesbian love and coercion”, –
said in her last public post in Facebook,
published on 3 September.

The content of the post is clouded by rhetoric like “I was silent. Silent, because
I loved the 57 school. Silent, because he loved the property 57
school. Nothing, because myself loved you. Silent, because generally
allowed yourself to love”. But the General sense was reduced to that
allegations of sexual harassment is unfounded and fictitious,
what nemser, straight text said in the comments.

“I had to write before. I’m not a victim. That the victims (in
the conventional sense) not at all I perfectly understand and know about
all of them say. What is friendship in addition to romance. She is strong,
regardless of gender, age and other characteristics that together easier and
easier. I was silent, for which I am hurt and ashamed,” – said in her

The scandal in the school has led to a change of leadership. Sergey Mendelevich,
the Director of this educational institution, who held the position from 1986
years, resigned 6 September, the application was approved by the Department
of education. The new superintendent was
former Director of the Lyceum N 1581 Alexander of Tver, and his Deputy –
former rector of the Russian economic school Andrew bramsen.

A criminal case against two former teachers of the Moscow school N57 28.09.2016

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