A resident of Omsk Amangeldy Akhmetov, unable to walk, fell from the established authorities of the city ramp, as his inclination was much stronger than required by regulations. A disabled person who received the apartment after talking with Vladimir Putin during a straight line in 2014, seriously injured his back.

As reported by “Superock”, the ramp was set at an angle of 45 degrees instead of five degrees. Akhmetov fell on the concrete floor, receiving a back injury. The doctors stated he had a compression fracture of the spine.

“We went down to see, the rear wheel fell off the ramp. I fell on the concrete floor. Then this began to hurt his feet – I can no longer tolerate. Doctors concessions – write almost narcotic drugs”, – told the victim.

Soon Akhmetov will have to go to Tyumen to the surgery. The doctors are going to lock the spine to relieve shock-like pain that goes down leg.

In the Ministry of labour and social services of the Omsk region not guilty: they said that Akhmetov himself has agreed on this ramp. Officials explained that to set a normal ramp failed: not allowed house structure.

“Under the program “Accessible environment” for the personal statement Akhmetov was established a ramp. Due to the fact that according to the construction documents, the building does not provide equipment with ramps, it was established in the form in which it is now. At the same time and the ramp was also amended to increase the ease of use. The citizen Akhmetov signed the act that the ramp it is fully satisfied,” – said the Ministry.

The victim confirmed that he had signed the act and forgot to check the correctness of the angle. After the operation he intends to seek the installation of a new ramp under an acceptable angle.

A disabled person, who spoke on the direct line of Putin, broke his spine after falling from improperly installed ramp 11.10.2016

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