In the Tver region to investigate the cause of massive ailments of schoolchildren, who took part in the memorial to the soldiers who died during the great Patriotic war. The event was held on September 25 in the village of Gorica kimrsky district. Suddenly a group of high school students who attended the opening, became ill, they began to squat and fall to the ground, told the website Weekendwitnesses.

School Director Tatyana Yastrebova told Tvernews.ruthat nobody was hospitalized, the evening of their health is allegedly improved. Weekend however, with reference to eyewitnesses claims that children still hospitalized in a local hospital. There they took the tests, which will be directed on research in special services in the city of Kimry. Teachers hope that the experts will be able to determine what poisoned the children.

According to one version, they could smell the gas from a cylinder installed next to the memorial. Through him in the memorial, the fuel is supplied. Also sounded the version about heat stroke – on the opening day of the monument was hot, plus victims came to the ceremony tired after gym class. However, in the school think that this version is erroneous. Another version is drug overdose.

As a result of the incident injured 12 school students. All of them were discharged from hospital the same evening, some of them on Monday I came to school, told reporters on the administration of the school.

A dozen students lost consciousness at the opening of the memorial in Tver region 28.09.2015

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