The film is directed by Sarik Andreasyan “Earthquake”, the work of Armenian-Russian film crew is not included in the long list of “Oscar” because of the “too big contribution of the Russian cinematographers”, – told RIA “news” the film’s producer Ruben Dishdishyan.

The film-makers feltthat the joint project dedicated to the destructive Leninakan earthquake of 1988, it would be logical to nominate on “Oscar” for best foreign language film from Armenia.

“Filled with a number of documents, among these documents was a sheet – the composition of the film, which was written a name, a profession, and then next there was a column “nationality”. And it happened, after the fact, when I looked at this sheet, there of the 20 participants somewhere 14-15 – it was the citizens of Russia. Perhaps it was our mistake,” he admitted, Dishdishyan, suggesting that the list should have included more actors from Armenia.

The Director of “Earthquake” agreed that formally the American Academy right, although the film-makers didn’t expect that “can end”.

“We have the example and Mongol Bodrov Sr., the film “Tangerines” is an Estonian pattern, which is fed from Georgia. Bodrov is not a citizen of Kazakhstan… Perhaps some attention due to the fact that the world has changed so much in the last few years, this is,” said Andreasyan.

According to him, the film will not be nominated and Golden globe, because if the paintings are not among the contenders for the “Oscar”, it is hardly necessary to claim this bonus, which is considered a kind of rehearsal of “Oscar”.

Starring in the film sarika Andreasian played by Konstantin Lavronenko, Maria Mironova, Victor Stepanian, Mikael Pogosyan, Hrant tokhatyan and others.

A catastrophic earthquake of magnitude 7.2 occurred on 7 December 1988 in the North-West of the Armenian SSR. In half a minute was destroyed almost the entire Northern part of the country, where there were about a million people. To the ground destroyed the city of Spitak and almost 60 villages partially destroyed Leninakan, Stepanavan, Kirovakan and more than 300 towns and villages. More than 25 thousand people died, about 20 thousand were disabled. In rebuilding Armenia was attended by all the Soviet republics, as well as 111 countries of the world.

A film about the Armenian Leninakan earthquake was not included in the long list of “Oscar” because it starred Russian 17.11.2016

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