In India in Aurangabad, a fire occurred in the market where they sell firecrackers and pyrotechnics: as a result burned about 200 stalls and 40 cars, reports New Indian Express. On victims the police are not reported.

According to the police of Maharashtra, a fire broke out on Saturday morning in one of the shopping malls in the Central part of this important tourist center of India. The flames quickly spread by standing close shopping malls, small and large shops.

Fire fighting lasted for several hours. It is reported that burned two hundred commercial premises, about 40 cars were completely destroyed 40 vehicles and dozens of cars and motorcycles have been partially damaged.

By happy chance, one of the owners and customers of the stores was hurt, everyone was able to evacuate before the fire engulfed a large area, reports TASS.

The police finds out causes of the fire. According to the preliminary version, the cause of the fire was launched by someone on the occasion of Diwali firecracker.

A fire in the market of firecrackers in India destroyed 200 shops and 40 cars 29.10.2016

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