In Novosibirsk, a scandal erupted around one of the largest universities of the city – Novosibirsk state University (NSU). An alumnus of the institution – 27-summer Alexey Nosov – accused one of the teachers of the University, 58-year-old associate Professor of mathematics Professor Dmitry V., harassment to students.

A public accusation against an elderly teacher noses were made by 29 October on their pages in social networks Facebook and “Vkontakte”. On the same day he, according to “NGS.News”, took the relevant statement to the police.

In their reports Nosov writes that, “as an employee of the University received numerous complaints from medical students about sexual harassment on the part of the Professor at the 1st year of mediaculture NSU”.

He also claims that he tried to convey this information to the administration, but instead received only the threat of dismissal. Specific names of victims or the specific circumstances of homosexual harassment in the statement.

The University in fact the incident initiated an internal audit. “There is no evidence what he’s talking about noses, no”, – told RIA “Novosti” press-Secretary of the University Olena Kostyashkin.

She added that previously, none of the students did not submit applications and complaints against the teacher, who accuses noses. Meanwhile, he noses the past two weeks, “acting weird, circulating in the Internet and social networking information about employees of NSU statements, insulting their honor and dignity.”

The teacher, who wrote a statement of noses, gave a counter statement to the police for defamation. According to the teacher, he intends to prove his innocence and has hired a lawyer for this.

“At the moment I, together with the lawyer went to the police. All statements made by this student on the Internet is a lie, and I intend to prove it”, – said the teacher to the journalists Life.

The correspondent of “NGS.News” interviewed 11 current and former students of the medical faculty of the University trying to find out if they’ve encountered any similar. Opinion was divided roughly in half: five couldn’t remember that someone complained about such things, others stated that the Professor “weird” and loves a joke on the brink.

“It all starts with the fact that he offers to help with his subject, offers tutoring at his home. If all goes well, then asked to help with the harvest – or in his garage, or at the cottage. There is already the start of a joke, like that “ass you handsome, maybe in his underwear like?” – said one of the current students of the medical school. However, he noted that direct harassment by the Professor “would have never happened.”

Note that this is not the first sex scandal that occurred in educational institution in Russia for the last time. Informed about sexual abuse towards children accused teachers of the Moscow school N57.

A former student of NSU has accused the 58-year-old Professor of sexual harassment 03.11.2016

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