A resident of the Avar village of Kenkhi in Sharoi district of Chechnya Ramazan Zalaldinov, which in may complained to Vladimir Putin on local authorities, and then left without a house and disappeared, told human rights activist Svetlana Gannushkina that forced him to flee from his native village, hiding from the police cordon. “Novaya Gazeta” quoted him the story, noting that the Chechen authorities had violated the terms of the contract with Zalaldinov, but the famous cengine hopes to seek justice the head of Chechnya.

The publication became known that the Chechen authorities promised Zalaldinov Ramazan and his family immunity and the rejection of all persecution of the villagers supported him. The people of Kenkhi promised to fully pay the required compensation. And MVD in Chechnya came from extra-budgetary funds to Finance the reconstruction of burned houses, which the family Zalaldinov shot the villager, and to compensate his owner for moral harm.

Negotiations, the terms of which Zalaldinov promised to abandon public criticism and apologized to Ramzan Kadyrov, passed through the independent Dagestani newspaper “Chernovik” and guarantees of one of the most authoritative religious figures of Dagestan – Khas-Magomed abubakarova. Responsible for the execution of the agreement, he was appointed first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic Apti Alaudinov. However, when mysteriously disappeared cengine made contact, he told that Alaudinov invited him to a meeting and threatened that if the Avar “will not cease to raise the problems of the village”, his “will suffer the same fate as those killed Yamadayev, the human rights activist Natalia Estemirova and the policy of Boris Nemtsov”.

After the meeting, told Zalaldinov human rights activist Svetlana Gannushkina, he and his son’s passports were taken away, and the phone took off into the abyss. The village of Kenkhi took under the strengthened protection by police posts. Despite this, claims of Zalaldinov, he managed to quietly leave the village. Then he risked his life, crossed the mountain pass Centic connecting Chechnya with Dagestan.

As reported, on the night of the disappearance of criticism of the Chechen authorities began to look at Chechnya to ransack the homes of villagers with threats. The family of the Avar took on supervision, which includes tracking all contacts with the outside world. Moreover, according to Gannushkina, were activated searches Zalaldinov in Dagestan, his family, the country began to call in Chechnya for questioning. The police began to be on duty and the newspaper “Chernovik”.

“Novaya Gazeta” reports that the Commissioner for human rights at the head of the Chechen Republic and the Prosecutor of the Republic were aware of the disappearance Zalaldinov from the first day, and notes that their public statements about it two days later look like a tribute to the resonance that caused this news.

“The limit guaranteed by the Constitution freedom of movement Zalaldinov directly connected with the attempt to forbid him to convey to the head of Chechnya, information about what is happening in the village of Kenkhi. In particular, information that the first Deputy interior Minister of Chechnya Apti Alaudinov violates these Zalaldinov and kenshinzen promises,” leads “the New newspaper” review Gannushkina, explaining that we are talking about payments of compensations for destroyed during the war and due to landslides at home.

Zalaldinov was convicted of libel in referring to Putin

Despite the promise on the termination of criminal prosecution of the Avar and support his fellow villagers, in the system of gas “Vybory” is a sentence Zalaldinov made by the Shatoi district court judge. 11 August 2016 cohenca tried for his April letter to the President of the Russian Federation and was convicted of libel. Villager Zalaldinov of Saidmagomed Nasibov, who spoke with journalists “Rain” and confirmed the validity of criticism, was convicted of drug possession.

“The termination of criminal prosecution of the fellow villager was one of the main conditions put forward by Ramazan Zalaldinov at the conclusion of the transaction. The deal suggested by the Chechen authorities. Ensured it respected Dagestani religious leader. In fact such agreements in the Caucasus to disrupt not accepted. These two sentences show, which is the word of Ramzan Kadyrov. However, Ramazan Zalaldinov he still believes” – sums up the newspaper.

Zalaldinov in a video message to Putin in early April and the complaint to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika in early may claimed that local officials take the inhabitants of a significant part of the compensation for destroyed during the second Chechen campaign housing, keeping public sector wages in General are eliminated from helping people.

On may 13, the house Zalaldinov in the village of Kenkhi was burned. According to his wife, that day some people in masks went into their home, put her children in the car, and then “throw them under the bridge” set fire to the house. In the version of Ramzan Kadyrov, Zalaldinov your house was burned himself, to put local authorities in a negative light.

On 30 may, the TV channel “Grozny” showed video of apology Zalaldinov to Kadyrov for criticism in his address and “provoking people”, calling their actions “very big mistake”. Avar, fled Chechnya and are constantly changing their place of lodging to avoid being abducted and “taken to Kadyrov”, announced that he was returning to his native village.

Meanwhile, Zalaldinov argued that the first complaint to the President wrote back in 2006, and in 2007 it is sentenced to two and a half years probation. After the second complaint, he was arrested for 13 days, twisted his arms and throwing in the basement. In 2011, he was punished for resisting arrest, five years probation, but then changed the sentence to three years of General regime. Subsequently, the term was shortened to 1.5 years, reported Zalaldinov.

A fugitive critic of Kadyrov hopes to find the head of Chechnya protection from his subordinates 14.11.2016

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