In Ivanovo there was a gas explosion in a two-storey residential building, killing five people, another nine people were injured injured. Emergency workers rescued 12 residents of the collapsed house. The place offers more than 350 employees: rescuers searched for people who could ostavatsya under the rubble. Around 9:10 GMT. in the MOE reported: the ruins found a man alive and in 15 minutes – woman. Both injuries gave the doctors.

After that search and rescue operations in the place of the accident ,was completed. “People under the rubble is no more. Began emergency work in which is conducted the dismantling of collapsed structures,” – said TASS in the regional Central Board MOE.

Called priority version of explosion, a criminal case

Explosion of household gas in a two-story brick house in trichodesmium
Ivanovo occurred at 04:15 on Sunday. Judging by the photos from the place of incident, the explosion occurred in one of the apartments on the second floor. The Central part of the house in this place torn up. According to the MOE, was hit by a construction in two apartments on the second floor and the roof of the building.

Among the five dead are a young couple with a daughter four years old. Six people injured, including two hospitalized one person
in serious condition, the other in the state of moderate severity, reports “Interfax”.

To eliminate the consequences of a partial collapse of the house attracted 356 people and 68 pieces of equipment, said the press Secretary of EMERCOM in the region Lyubov Romanova. “The number of rescuers and equipment increased due to the fact that under blockages there can be people, they need urgent help. Periodically hold a “minute of silence”, working dog handlers with dogs” – she explained.

The house is registered 19 people, 21 people lived. EMERCOM of Russia has opened “a hot line”: telephone 8-4932-29-91-84 to learn the fate of relatives and friends.

At the end of October because of a gas leak blew up a residential block in Ryazan, where seven people died.

At the beginning of October in the Ivanovo region a gas explosion had destroyed a two-storey house in the village Ilinskoe, then killed two women.

One entrance of the house will try to recover, said the Governor

As a result of a gas explosion in Ivanovo completely collapsed one of the three entrances to residential homes, said said the Governor of the Ivanovo region Pavel Skates the channel
“Russia 24″ (VGTRK).

“Failure divided the house into two parts… one entrance, which we will
to demolish. The question is, will it be possible to start operation of the second
part of the knowledge. Now she is examined by specialists. If such a possibility
will, so the house will be repaired and introduced in the future
operation”, – quotes Konkova “Interfax”.

He also announced the beginning of large-scale checks of gas equipment.

A gas explosion in the Ivanovo: five people were killed 06.11.2016

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