The investigative Committee in St. Petersburg was closed resonant case after the last fall five-month-old child died in the social center after the withdrawal of the families of citizens of Tajikistan.

The case was instituted under part 2 of article 109 (“Causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties”) of the criminal code. Oct 20 the result of the decision on termination of the criminal case in connection with absence of event of a crime, according to regional SK.

“According to the conclusion it is judicial-medical examination the death was caused by a generalized mixed viral infection – cytomegalovirus infection and parainfluenza; the outcome of the disease and its complications was the development of acute cardiopulmonary insufficiency, which became the immediate cause of death”, – stated in the message.

The death could contribute to the following factors: the child was born preterm with perinatal hypoxic-ischemic lesion of the Central nervous system after birth, he developed rickets and paratopia. Also death contributed to the deterioration of the immune system, notified the Agency.

However, examination by the doctors of the child on 13 October 2015 in the absence of data of the anamnesis of life to set these infection is not possible. Defects of medical care the baby is not revealed. In this case, before admission to the medical institution on the day the child was observed by a pediatrician and was not examined by the experts, although at the time of discharge from the hospital his mother was given appropriate advice when they chance to identify occurred cytomegalovirus infection might be more noted in the UK. In other words, parents are to blame for the death of his child.

In the investigation of violations in the actions of the police and the now abolished Federal migration service (FMS) were identified, as well as the actions which might follow the death of a child by negligence, concluded in the UK.

In may it was reported that a court in St. Petersburg found unlawful inaction of the investigation on this case, and found a large number of violations in the actions of the investigators and ordered them to eliminate.

Medvedev and Rahmon promised to bring the matter to an end

Infant son of citizens of Tajikistan Rustam Nazarov and Zarina Yunusova, died 14 October 2015 at the center for medical and social rehabilitation of children left without parental care. The day before he was taken from the parents during a RAID of the Federal migration service, where staff found this family settled in the house N5 on Lermontovsky Prospekt.

According to the doctors, the boy died as a result of a long illness. As mentioned in the medical report, the cause of death, Umarali Nazarov was cytomegalovirus infection, complicated by pulmonary-cardiac insufficiency. Such infection “means the defeat of almost all vital organs,” said the doctors.

The death of an infant caused a great public resonance in Russia and in Tajikistan. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on this occasion spoke in Dushanbe with President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon and assured that the case of the death of the baby will be brought to an end. The Russian foreign Ministry also pledged to “promptly and openly” investigate the death of five-month-old Tajik child.

The presidential Council on human rights (HRC) claimed that police made up false documentsto take a child from his mother, who was deported from Russia by court decision, which ultimately was done. Also in the HRC stated that the Russian-born Umarali was observed in the clinic, “during the life of the child no signs of disease have not been identified”.

Previously, other human rights activists also notedthat in the case of the death, Umarali Nazarov has a lot of questions. In particular, the experts pointed out that the police had no legitimate reason to separate mother and child.

However, the interior Ministry has denied police involvement in the deaths of Tajik baby. The Ministry said that all actions of law enforcement were lawful.

A high-profile case of the death of five-month-old Tajik in St. Petersburg was closed, not finding the guilty 20.10.2016

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