In Tyumen journalist Boris Konakov came out on Lenin square with a taped mouth and hands tied to the anniversary of the murder of the correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta” Anna Politkovskaya. Its share of the reporter dedicated to the memory of journalist and freedom of speech. Although call them to arrange on the square in a flash mob did not cause much response from the local population, the author considers its single performance held.

As reported Znak.comthe journalist announced that his share in Facebook. “The residents and tyumenka, colleagues in the media. On Friday, October 7, 10 years since the death of Anna Politkovskaya. Let’s milesmark in the morning on Lenin square? Dedicate all this freedom of speech and memory of the journalist, whose death died and the remains of this freedom. I certainly intend to – the idea is already there, I invite you to join and/or to illuminate it,” said the Konakov.

The old version was already known at the time of the action itself. Konakov came out on Lenin square with a taped mouth, wrapped a rope with his hands and a placard with the inscription: “Silence is not consent”. According to the report of the journalist on his page in Facebook, the campaign came two of his colleagues.

“Anna Politkovskaya was led by compassion”: the murder 10 years ago

Konakov stood in the square in 10 minutes. During this time he was approached by a man and asked, what is the meaning of the action. Konakov explained. “So what to look for the customer – it’s already killed” (apparently he has more information than all of us), and then asked: “Depart, please, Lenin is not seen”, – the journalist told about the reaction of the passerby.

According to them, his action was not intended to promote the fastest search of customers of murder of Anna Politkovskaya. “It would be foolish for me to expect that my idea of the flash mob here will help to find a customer. It’s not about that. And about the fact that we – the media workers or media professionals – don’t forget what the date is today. And why is this memory important to the public”, – said the resident of Tyumen in Facebook.

As noted by the journalist, he wanted to test the public response to the action in memory of Politkovskaya. “When I went this morning to the square, I thought – no one will come, and sense then I arrange, but I could not test the response. And the reason for the lack of attention to this story, I’ve seen more not in some external obstacles, and in the same why most people don’t come to the polls – say, it will not change anything, spitting into eternity and all that”, – stated in the message on the page of the reporter.

Summing up, the Konakov considered a solo performance held. Tyumenets also thanked the two journalists who came to share.

On the eve of the anniversary of the death of Politkovskaya’s edition of”Novaya Gazeta” published a video message in which has accused the consequence of inaction and declares that the case is still unsolved.

The correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta” Anna Politkovskaya was murdered on 7 October 2006 in her apartment building in Moscow. The organizers and executors of the crime were sentenced to prison terms. But who ordered the killing was never found.

A journalist from Tyumen came to the square with a taped mouth, on the anniversary of the murder of Anna Politkovskaya 07.10.2016

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