Thursday, may 25, the High court in London issued a warrant for the arrest of Pavel Karpov, former investigator of the investigative Department, RF interior Ministry, involved in the “Magnitsky list”. Created with the support of the head of Hermitage Capital of William Browder, the project Law and Order in Russia notes that the court ordered to detain Karpov for contempt of court and disobedience.

Previously, Karpov refused to comply with court order on payment of Hermitage Capital 650 thousand pounds as compensation of court costs. Karpov appealed to London’s High court with a claim for defamation from the Fund, however, the court dismissed the claim, finding that the former police officer had abused the right.

The court called Karpova for questioning about his assets. In response, he sent a mocking poem in which he called the Hermitage Capital lawyers “four condoms”. “I’m riding the waves on a mattress in the Crimea, rest in the Suite of “Intourist” my Porsche, Mercedes, Audi that you are looking far away in Tagil” – listed its estimated assets of a former investigator, stating that the plaintiffs “never get the wealth of his soul.”

Note, in September 2016 Karpov was sentenced to three months imprisonment for contempt of court. After that, he said to Interfax: “I sought the protection of the London court, but now I need protection from the London court.”

At the meeting of may 25, the judge Haddon cave, noting that Karpov did not appear at the hearing in December 2016, issued a decision to arrest the defendant and sending him to court. “This order means that Pavel Karpov is arrested in the moment when you step foot on British soil. It is also a strong signal to people everywhere that the British judicial system does not allow to exploit itself for libel tourism,” said William Browder, head of Global Magnitsky Justice Campaign.

In 2007 Pavel Karpov was the head of the investigative group, which during the searches, seized documents of the legal entities controlled by Hermitage Capital. According to company lawyer Sergei Magnitsky,had been used for re-registration of companies and refund of taxes of 5.4 billion rubles. Magnitsky subsequently was arrested on charges of tax evasion. His case also led Karpov. A year after his arrest, the lawyer died in prison.

Co-founder of Hermitage Capital, William Browder, the head of Firestone Duncan Jamison Firestone said that Magnitsky was arrested after he exposed corruption schemes involving some officials and officers from the”untouchables”, including Pavel Karpov.

According to Browder and Firestone, the death of the auditor is guilty law enforcement officers and officials who wanted to conceal the theft of 5.4 billion rubles of budget money, which was engaged in investigating Magnitsky.
Karpov in Hermitage Capital refers to the so-called OPG Klyuyev. According to the Fund, Karpov, his colleague, ex-Colonel DEB interior Ministry, Artem Kuznetsov, the former head of the 28th tax Inspectorate of the capital Olga Stepanova was friendly with the former owner “Universal Bank of savings” Dmitry Klyuyev. Abducted money from the budget they, according to Hermitage Capital, was transferred to the accounts of his Bank.

The European Parliament on 2 April 2014 approved the so-called Magnitsky list, which includes 32 Russians, including Karpov, and called for a ban on the defendants in the list, the entry to EU countries and freeze their accounts and members of their families. The United States also adopted the “Magnitsky list” imposing sanctions against Russians involved, according to Washington, the death of lawyer and human rights violations in Russia.

Participated in the investigation of one of criminal cases related to Hermitage Capital, Karpov in the courts of Russia and great Britain demanded an end to the spreading of false, according to him, the information and recover from Browder and Firestone compensation for libel.

So, in 2012 Karpov have applied to the High court of London with claim requirements Browder and Firestone for the Network information, discrediting, according to the former investigator, his honor and dignity. He accused Browder in the dissemination of statements about his involvement in Magnitsky’s death. The court in London concluded that “the Karpov claim is “abuse of justice”.

In June 2015, the Moscow city court ruled to recover from the Fund Hermitage Capital, Browder and Firestone 8 million rubles in favor of Karpov for his claim about protection of honor and dignity. Thus, the court upheld the complaint Karpov on the decision of the Meshchansky court of Moscow about compensation of 100 thousand rubles for the claim 6.16 billion.

A London court has ordered the arrest of former investigator in the Magnitsky case after his mocking poems about racing on mattresses in the Crimea 26.05.2017

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