Capital investigators opened a criminal case on the fact of sexual abuse of two women. The crime was committed right in the pedestrian crossing built over the Borovskoye shosse in the New Moscow.

The alleged perpetrator has already been arrested. They found 40-year-old man, according to the official website of the Metropolitan CID of the Russian Federation.

According to investigators, the attacker trapped the victims in the crosswalk over the highway Borovsky. One of the attacks he committed in June and another in October. In both cases the man used a knife, threatened the women with violence.

The offender’s actions look particularly daring, considering the usual above-ground transitions makes translucent and witnesses of attacks could be driving down the highway drivers.

The detainee is incriminated by article 132 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Violent acts of sexual character”). “In the near future he will be indicted and remanded in custody”, – noted in the investigation Department.

The man also check to commit other rapes on the territory of Moscow.

Muscovite is a drug addict attacked the women “out of hatred for the guards”

In the Western district of Moscow defused another criminal with a knife attacker is considering. It was the 29-year-old drug addict Constantine El Sarraj, looking for victims at the Kremenchug street and aminevsky highway.

At the hands of recidivist suffered at least three women a night, one of whom died, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

It is established that at 21:30 Constantine attacked 71-year-old Natalia Vladimirovna Folomeshkin that came out to get some fresh air before bedtime. The woman was returning home when he saw in the bushes stranger.

The pensioner picked up his pace, but the attacker caught up with her and stabbed in the back.Since there was random witnesses, and the woman began to scream for help, Constantine began to pursue the woman. He pretended to want to help her and even brought his sacrifice to the entrance. Then the offender fled and the victim was hospitalized in serious condition.

According to “MK”, Natalia Folomeshkin is a teacher at music school on a piano class and the deserved worker of culture of the Russian Federation with a total working experience of more than 50 years.

Literally in half an hour El Sarraj attacked another pensioner, inflicting a 61-year-old woman shot in the lower back. Bystanders immediately called her an ambulance. The second victim also was hospitalized.

The third victim of the offender on the same evening was a 38-year-old woman he met on aminevsky highway. Her wound was deadly.

The CCTV cameras installed at the entrance of the house where he lived Natalia Folomeshkin, field investigators have quickly calculated the El Sarria and detained the alleged murderer in Ochakovo, in the apartment at the place of residence. At the time of the attacks the man was in a condition of narcotic intoxication.

It is known that in 2005, Constantine received the first term for robbery in 2006 he was convicted for the murder. And in 2012, he was sentenced to 3.5 years of imprisonment for assaulting a passerby on Slavic Boulevard. Then El Sarraj robbed the pensioner – a retired policeman and the mother of his former classmate. Man robbed elderly women gold cross. After detention it has explained the act to that “hates the police” and the prison “home”.

A man has been arrested, raped in garage overhead crossing over the highway 27.10.2015

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