Opponents of the installation in St. Petersburg, a memorial plaque to Admiral Alexander Kolchak held a new action. In the night from 22 to 23 November, they draped a homemade poster Board with the inscription of the hero of the books about Harry Potter evil wizard Volan de mort, reports the website of the Russian socialist movement (RSD).

According to activists, the event was conducted by the art group “the White walkers” sympathetic to the RNC. The inscription on the poster reads: “In this house lived a Voldemort, a patriot, a miracle worker”. When you install a sign “no Kolchak during the campaign was not injured,” said the motion.

Currently, the poster has already been removed, according to “pink news”.

Meanwhile, representatives of the RNC also expressed dissatisfaction with the installation of a memorial to Kolchak. “Kolchak is nerabilities war criminal, whose crimes – mass executions, torture, burning of villages – were indisputable historical fact,” they write.

Unveiling of the plaque to Admiral activists call “outrageous event”, standing in one row with such events as the appearance of the bridge Kadyrov, the Board of the Mannerheimmonument to Ivan the terrible in the eagle and numerous attempts to revive the cult of Stalin.

According to activists: “Mythology, implanted with the filing of the ignorant figures, has the same relation to the complex and contradictory history of our country, like the fantasy of Harry Potter”.

A memorial plaque to Admiral Kolchak was established in St. Petersburg on November 12 on the initiative of the movement “White Matter”. Installation location – the house 3 along the street Big of Zelenina, where the Admiral lived from 1906 until 1912.

A few days later the Board suffered from hands of vandals – unknown painted over the sign with black paint, and on the building written “killer Kolchak”.

Alexander Kolchak – a military and political leader, Admiral, polar researcher, participant of the First world war. After the October revolution of 1917 had the opportunity to continue my career in the United States but returned to Russia to fight the Bolsheviks, considering them detrimental to the power of the state. Member of the white movement in the East. In addition to the charges related to his participation in the civil war, Kolchak was also accused of removal of a large part of the gold reserves of the country abroad. Was shot in 1920, not rehabilitated.

The first monument to Alexander Kolchak in post-Soviet Russia was installed in November 2004 in Irkutsk. This is a copper monument on a high pedestal of the work of Vyacheslav Klykov. Two years before that in St. Petersburg in the Marine corps of Peter the Great was a memorial plaque dedicated to Admiral Kolchak. In 2008 a memorial plaque in honor of Kolchak opened in the courtyard of the chapel of St. Nicholas of Myra in Moscow.

A memorial plaque to Admiral Kolchak in St. Petersburg draped a banner reading about Volan de mort 23.11.2016

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