A nuclear war between Russia and USA may accidentally start the robot, it follows from the speech of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin at the meeting with students and scientists at Tomsk Polytechnic University on October 28.

“The problem is not that we are somehow inferior to NATO and the Americans, – quotes its RIA “Novosti”. – We do not give in and never give in. The problem is that improving technology can come to the fact that people will give the right to strike back at the car. Here I am afraid”.

Answering a question from one of the students, is there enough Russia is now protected from a potential nuclear attack, Rogozin said: “of Course, protected. Here take the time, money and brains. Everything is fine”.

Rogozin “rubbing his sweaty palms” in anticipation of sending into space of a humanoid robot Fedora

“Another problem, said the Vice Premier, who oversees the defense industry and space activities of the country. – The fact that we are moving at other speeds, the hypersonic. In fact, in case of a sudden attack to retaliate in the Soviet era (was) for 30-35 minutes. Understanding that we will have struck the blow, was the main deterrent to aggressors from attacking”.

Rogozin has classified potential enemies of Russia

While Rogozin shared potential enemies of Russia in three groups, distinguished by the degree of technical equipment of the army. “Earlier we abstractly called our enemies, potential enemies, then it is time to introduce a classification of the enemy, – quotes its TASS. And if to divide very simple, these enemies can be divided into three groups”.

“The first is in terms of technology more powerful, more advanced, second – about equal to us in strength and the third – the enemy is inferior to us in strength, but no less dangerous,” said Rogozin.

The third group he took banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH). This group can be attributed not only to certain countries, said the Deputy head of the government.

Who can be attributed to the first and second group, he did not elaborate, but stressed that each group needed their methods of resistance: in the first case it should be “nuclear war and space”, and the second using General purpose forces and a third of rapid reaction forces, special forces and aviation.

Recently, the Western media actively exaggerated the theme of a possible nuclear war between Russia and the United States. Recently, former assistant Secretary of the us Treasury Paul Craig Roberts has made a frightening prediction about an apocalyptic nuclear attack, which allegedly threatens the United States from Russia. He warned that one of the newest Russian Intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat”, which has been in the West the nickname “the Satan-2″, capable of destroying three-quarters of the state of new York, turning it into the desert for thousands of years.

The British and American press writes that the range of this missile allows Moscow to attack London or other European cities, and the towns on the Western and Eastern coasts of the US, and able at once to destroy England and Wales. Newspaper the Daily Star has even published a map of the U.S. East coast, indicating what targets can be struck, and how many millions of people will die.

According to the Daily Mail, Russia is preparing to move nuclear competition with the United States in a fundamentally new plane. Russian engineers are far ahead of colleagues in the search for new materials for the construction of supersonic aircraft that will allow Moscow to create a fleet of combat vehicles, capable of launching nuclear strikes from outer space.

A nuclear war between Russia and the United States to start the robot, fears Rogozin 28.10.2016

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