Philippine police violently broke up a demonstration near the U.S. Embassy in Manila, where about a thousand protesters gathered to protest against the presence of U.S. military on the territory of the Philippines. As AP reports, the rally turned into clashes during which police van plowed through the crowd.

As a result of hitting the car three student activists were taken to the hospital with wounds, said the protest leader Renato Reyes.

Judging by the videos, the police van was surrounded by demonstrators and started to beat him with wooden truncheons taken from the police. Then the van rammed protesters, fueling back and forth.

As a result, the rally was dispersed by force. Police have detained 23 activists who fought with members of the local OMON, and also doused with red paint and police rushed the government office at the Embassy.

According to the leader of the demonstrators, the police had grounds to disperse the protest. “There was absolutely no reason for this (the use of force. – Approx., said Reyes. – Despite the President’s words, promising an independent foreign policy, the Philippine police still act as stooges of the United States”.

It should be noted, the protest was held in support of the policies of President Rodrigo Duterte, which in recent years have significantly spoiled the relations with the United States. Recently, the Philippines has threatened to Washington to break the Alliance and start buying weapons from Russia and China.

Earlier Duterte announced that the joint Philippine-us military exercises will stop, and the protective agreement will be revised. In addition, the state may, through an indefinite time to break off any relations with the United States, said Duterte 4 October, sending the US President Barack Obama, whom he had offended, “the hell”. 12 Sep Rodrigo Duterte called for the withdrawal of United States troops located at the military base of one of the Islands to the South of the state.

A police van drove into a crowd of demonstrators protesting against the US in the Philippines 19.10.2016

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