The inhabitants of the Crimea positively assess the situation in the Republic and support the activities of the Republican authorities. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM), published on the website of the organization.

So, in the survey, 80% of Crimeans said they were satisfied with the situation in the Republic. In July positively the situation in the Republic was estimated 76% of respondents, and in December 2015 – 82%, according to the publication. “The positive valuation level of the Republican situation is stable. Fluctuations in the indicator, obviously, were of situational character,” conclude sociologists.

A high level of positive ratings recorded in respect of the Republican authorities. In particular, to trust the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov said 79% of study participants. The level of loyalty to the head of a subject increases with age of respondents: most positive evaluations were expressed by the respondents of retirement age (89%).

In particular, the inhabitants of the Crimea positively evaluated the work of the authorities on such aspects as the repair of roads. According to the survey, two-thirds (68%) of respondents assess the current state of the Crimean roads negatively, but three quarters (76%) noted improvements during the year.

“The vast majority of study participants (91%) have personally seen or heard about the repair of roads in the Republic, of which 62% rated the amount of road repair and construction as a significant”, – the report says polls.

Another supported the inhabitants of the Crimea priority of the authorities was the decision to dismantle illegal buildings in the hundred-meter coastal zone. Heard 87% of Crimeans (including 23% closely followed the situation), praised the actions of the Republican authorities in this direction 79%.

Notable residents of the Republic and the efforts of the regional authorities, the head of the Republic to ensure cleanliness, waste disposal organization in the settlements and outside them. The majority of study participants (82%) welcomed the efforts of the authorities in this direction, but meanwhile, 65% expect greater intensification. According to 10% of the respondents, the Republican authorities practically do not address this problem.

“A high level of support of the Republican leadership obviously is due to hit in the agenda of the population. Many initiatives by regional authorities can be seen the vector of development of the territory, the solution of urgent problems. As a result, the population formed a sense of development, problem solving, in these conditions, and difficulties have been overcome successfully,” – commented on the results of a survey research project Manager VTSIOM Mikhail Mamonov.

The poll was held in Crimea in the period from 17 to 19 October this year. The sample size was 1000, the maximum error with 95% probability does not exceed 3.1 per cent.

Note that two months ago – at the end of August – in the administrative centre of Crimea in Simferopol had to pass a protest action “Deceived the Crimea”, but it was dispersed by the police, despite the fact that the event organizers claimed that the rally was sanctioned by the authorities. Later, the campaign published in social networks appeal to President Vladimir Putin, which complained of “severe social situation” in the region “rampant corruption” and “disregard for the citizens” by the local authorities.

A poll conducted after dispersal of the rally “Deceived the Crimea”, shown to the satisfaction of the Crimean situation on the Peninsula 24.10.2016

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