In New Zealand, thousands of people demanded to deprive a religious organization called the “Church of doom” tax benefits because of a claim by one of its priests – Bishop Brian Tamaki. Amid the strong earthquakethat occurred in the country, he said that the reason for natural disasters, claiming the lives of people, are human sins, and, in particular, homosexuality, the website Mashable.

The statement of the priest was made last Sunday during a sermon in Oakland. In his speech, he mentioned the Book of Leviticus in the old Testament. “Leviticus says that the Earth trembles under the weight of some of human sins. She casteth out her natural disasters because nature is not created to bear our iniquity,” said the Bishop.

He also mentioned other disasters occurring in New Zealand previously, including the devastating earthquake that occurred in 2010 and 2011 in Christchurch, which killed 185 people. In these disasters Tamaki accused of gay priests.

Video of the sermon was published in Facebook. Despite the fact that the statement of the priest was done before it became known that the current earthquake killed two people, his words caused a violent reaction. Many users lashed out at the cultist with criticism and accusations of “promoting hatred and discrimination.”

On the website has created a petition calling for the Prime Minister of the country John K. to deprive the Church the destiny of privileges, allowing not to pay taxes on donations. During the day, the petition has gained more than 100 thousand signatures.

The Tamaki Wednesday aired on a local radio station Radiolive, however, to apologize for his words did not. Meanwhile, Prime Minister of New Zealand has called the arguments of the priest “ridiculous”. He recalled that New Zealand is a seismically active country located close to a number of tectonic faults. “This has nothing to do with sexuality people. That’s just insane (to say otherwise),” said Kay.

A priest from New Zealand, blamed earthquakes on gays 17.11.2016

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