At a rally in St. Petersburg has gathered more than three thousand people protesting against Saint Isaac’s Cathedral to the Russian Orthodox Church, passes “Fontanka”.

According to TASS, the most popular banner on the field of Mars – “In protection of Petersburg”. In addition to the protection of Museum St Isaac’s Cathedral, the congregation oppose the development of the territory of the Pulkovo Observatory and the unification of the Russian national library and Russian State library.

The event takes place without any political symbols and slogans, under the flags of Russia and St. Petersburg, it started with the “Hymn to the great city” by Glier, who is considered the anthem of the Northern capital.

The action is timed to the 30th anniversary of the protection of activists from the demolition of the hotel “Angleterre” in 1987. Now the city “there are many pain points, and mirror all these problems was the “Isaac’s question,” explained TASS the head of the Commission for education, culture and science of the city legislative Assembly Maxim Reznik.

The government of Saint-Petersburg at the end of December 2016 ordered to transfer the Isaac Sobor use of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church on the basis of the adopted in 2010, the Federal law “On transfer to religious organizations of property of religious appointment”. The building of St. Isaac’s Cathedral is owned by St. Petersburg, but guarded at the Federal level and included in the list of world cultural heritage of UNESCO. Before the revolution the Cathedral was not the property of the Church and was administered by the MVD.

The Cathedral became a Museum in 1928 and in 1990 it restored the Orthodox divine services are now held daily. In 2016, according to the Museum, was held in the Cathedral service, including the big Christmas service and a memorial service for the victims of the crash of an airliner A321 in the Sinai Peninsula, was visited by about 18 thousand people. During the same period in the GMF St Isaac’s Cathedral was visited by about 3.9 million tourists.

A rally against the transfer of Tsar Peter of the Russian Orthodox Church has collected more than 3,000 people 18.03.2017

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