The Berdsk city court sentenced 21-year-old Maxim Karmelicka. He was found guilty of the attempted murder of his girlfriend. Earlier Karmelicka was sentenced to one year in prison for insulting repost pictures from Epiphany bathing.

According to the decision of the Russian Themis for the attempted murder of Maxim Karmelitski will spend behind bars for nine years. Subject to the previous sentence, the convict released after 10 years. To serve time it will be in the correctional colony of strict regime, reports the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

In a civil lawsuit the victim Karmelitski should pay 300 thousand roubles for causing of moral harm her, said the official website of the regional Prosecutor’s office. Verdict in force has not entered.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, a felony Karmelitski made before the sending to the colony, where he had to serve the punishment for insulting the feelings of believers. The court found that the evening of 11 September 2016 Maxim Karmelitski met his 18-year-old friend on a country road in the area of Field street in Berdsk. During the conversation, the girl told her lover about the intention to break a relationship with him.

Then Maxim, “being in an alcohol intoxication, on the basis of personal hostile relations took from a side pocket of denim pants a knife, went back to standing near his car the victim” and twice struck her with machetes in the neck and abdomen.

The wounded girl tried to escape from a former lover on the car, but lost control and made arrival on an artificial obstacle. “When Karmelicka managed to catch up with his victim, he stabbed her at least 10 times with a knife in different parts of the body, including the neck and chest, and then began to throttle up until the victim lost consciousness,” – said in a press release from the office of the RF IC.

A witness of the massacre became a shepherd. He was called to the scene of law enforcement officers. The victim was sent to a medical facility. And in relation Karmelicka a criminal case was initiated under part 3 of article 30, part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Attempt at murder”).

We will add that by the time Karmelitski was recognized as a dangerous extremist who should be isolated from society. The corresponding decision was taken on 1 June 2016 the Berdsk city court. He appointed Karmelicka penalty of one year and three months in prison for inciting religious hatred.

Insult one click

The court found that on January 21, 2016 Maxim Karmelitski posted on his page in social network “Vkontakte” the graphic image of the holiday of Epiphany, on which was the inscription obscene nature: “You, too, * * * (wonder) from the idea that there is *** (Kooks), who are willing to put extreme loads untrained body for the sake of religion?”

The picture on the page Karmelicka saw the well-known Novosibirsk Orthodox activist, the head of the regional branch of the movement “people’s Cathedral” Yuri Zadoya. He found it offensive and, along with his supporters appealed to the SC of the Russian Federation with a request to bring Maxim to criminal liability.

Experts, evaluating the picture and the signature to it, came to the conclusion that the text commenting on the picture bathed in the hole people, negatively valued adherents of Christianity. This, according to experts, testifies to the hostility of one group of people to another on religious grounds.

The prosecution pointed out that this file is of an extremist nature had free access, the picture could see an unlimited circle of people. in fact Karmelitski exhibited Orthodox mentally retarded people, claimed the portal “Orthodoxy and the world”.

Karmelitski in his defense, pointed out that borrowed the image in the Internet community 2ch (“Dvach”), where the same thing was done by dozens of other users, but is judged for some reason it is one. According to the defendant, a misdemeanor, he realized and repented. He asked to appoint to it punishment not connected with deprivation of liberty.

In the end, the Russian Themis has recognized Karmelicka guilty under part 1 of article 282 (“inciting hatred and enmity on grounds of religion, committed publicly or with use of mass media”). The Prosecutor asked for him in the census 2,5 years of imprisonment. The Prosecutor noted that Karmelitski committed a crime with a conviction.

Maxim Karmelitski known in Berdsk under the pseudonyms Max North, the Gray Wolf and the Ghost. In December 2013, he planted a fake bomb in Berd Department of youth Affairs, accusing him of collaboration with the nationalists. And in the spring of 2016 Karmelicka was accused of stealing a computer system unit of pizzerias New York Pizza. The proceeds from the sale of production of the money he was going to get a drink.

Maxim was also accused of beating and causing grievous bodily harm.

He Karmelitski claimed to be persecuted because of his political beliefs. Previously, he was a member of the opposition party PARNAS.

“The complaint were Orthodox when they learned that I’m in Parnassus,” – said Karmelitski. However, after the theft of computer Maxim was expelled from the party.

A few years ago Karmelitski was a neo-Nazi, then became a member of the movement “antifa”, and then joined the ranks of the Cossacks. Then Maxim “felt like a liberal” and began to support Alexei Navalny, PARNAS party and its local leader Yegor Savina, wrote “Komsomolskaya Pravda” .

The prosecutors in this case say that Karmelitski for the period 2014-2016 “was three times brought to criminal responsibility under part 1 of article 207 (“a False report about the terrorist attack”) , part 1 of article 282 (“incitement of hatred and humiliation of human dignity on grounds of gender, race, nationality, social group”), paragraph “b” of part 2 of article 158 (“Theft”) criminal code of the Russian Federation”.

“All of a criminal record is not extinguished”, – stressed in the Supervisory Agency.

A resident of Berdsk, a convicted repost in the social network, received 9 years in prison for attempted murder 30.11.2016

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