In Buryatia elderly man killed an old friend with a bottle of vodka in the conflict in one of villages of the zakamenskiy district of the Republic, reports the website “inform Policy”

Two friends, 57 and 59, long time no see and decided to celebrate a meeting. They bought alcohol and went behind the shop is a favorite by locals called the “green restaurant”. Later they were joined by two more.

During the joint drinking alcohol 59-year-old man thought his friend pours him less than the other companions. A quarrel ensued, during which senior fellow grabbed a bottle of vodka and hit her on the head younger. He died on the scene from his injuries.

While intoxicated men did not realize what had happened, and quietly dispersed to their homes, leaving the lifeless body on the ground. The next day he was found by a local resident who called the police, reported the publication.

In fact the incident initiated a criminal case under part 1 article 105 (“Murder”), but in the end, grumpy villager was charged under part 4 of article 111 (“Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation and placed under house arrest, told reporters the representative of the investigation.

A resident of Buryatia killed a bottle of vodka an old friend that not only he poured 16.05.2017

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