Investigators of the Kirov region opened a criminal case on the murder of a young woman in Omutninsk. According to preliminary data, the crime was committed by the young husband of the victim. The victim’s body he hid in a cesspool.

Criminal punishment for a 24-year-old man that his fault was widowed a month after the wedding. He is charged with part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”), reports the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

The investigation began after the April 26 at about 04:00 in omutninskiy MSO SU SK the Russian Federation across the Kirov region of MO MVD Rossii “omutninsky” received a message about the discovery of a woman’s body in a cesspool near one of the houses. On the scene left the investigators and police.

The deceased was 24-the summer inhabitant of Rostov-on-don. Her body showed signs of strangulation. Suspicion fell on the husband of the victim, who was detained on the same day, April 26.

Through further investigation, it was determined that on April 23 at the entrance of one of houses of Omutninsk between spouses there was a quarrel because of jealousy. In the end, the man strangled faithful.

“In order to conceal traces of the crime the clothes that was lost, a young man burned and his body dumped in a sinkhole near the entrance of the house, – said in a press release dated 26 th. – Currently the question on election to it measures of restraint in form of detention”.

The representative of Department also has specified RIA “news”that the suspect and the victim were married in March 2017.

Previously, the detainee had already been convicted for crimes related to theft of property.

In Transbaikalia the man stabbed his pregnant wife, got 13 years in prison

A similar verdict in a criminal case about the murder of his young wife read in the TRANS-Baikal regional court. There on the dock were 22-year-old resident of the village of urul’ga Andrew Vyrupaev.

16 August 2016 Vyrupaev, while intoxicated, quarreled with his civil wife and her sister. The drunk man took a knife and started waving it in front of the faces of the women, threatening them with violence. “Seeing the rapid manifestation of aggression Vyrupaev, the sisters took the threat of murder is really, really fearing for his life and health, and fled from the raging men at the grandmother”, – informs the official website of the regional court.

January 15, 2017 Vyrupaev in a state of alcoholic intoxication had another fight with his wife. A woman in that time was in the 34th week of pregnancy.

The fight started after the victim chided her husband in drinking. “He lives with his bottle,” she said Vyrupaev, he said.

When it began to drive home, Andrew was angry, grabbed a knife and struck him two blows in the chest and lower back wife. “The death of the victim came to the place as a result of heavy blood loss,” added the court. During the forensic examination revealed that the woman was carrying a male fetus with a length of 41 cm and a mass of 1796 grams.

Realizing the severity of the offense, Vyrupaev stabbed himself in the chest, trying, in his words, to commit suicide. Arrived on the scene, the ambulance crew pronounced him dead victim, and the suspect doctors have taken to the surgical ward Karymsky hospital where he underwent surgery.

In court the man repented and asked forgiveness from the relatives of the deceased. In the debate of the parties the state accuser asked court to appoint Vyrupaev a sentence of 14 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony. During the trial, was declared and civil actions: the sister of the deceased demanded Vyrupaev to pay her 30 thousand rubles as compensation of moral harm for threatening murder, and the mother of one million rubles for the murder of his daughter. All claims Vyrupaev recognized in full.

A resident of Rostov-on-don killed his wife at the end of your honeymoon and hid the corpse in a cesspool 26.04.2017

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