In the South Korean city of Daejeon 57-year-old man died after eating dishes of amphibians at a local restaurant. According to police, a Korean died from food poisoning, which is similar to the bulls by mistake put toads.

The incident occurred last month, according to South Korean Agency Yonhap. At about eight o’clock on 9 March, the man with two of his colleagues had dinner in the restaurant run by the wife of one of them. According to police, the dish was prepared from five frogs-bulls that the Korean was caught on the reservoir two days before the incident.

About ten in the evening, when the man had finished his dinner, he began vomiting. As soon as she became too strong, the Korean went to the nearest restaurant to the hospital. The next morning the man died. His friends appeared similar symptoms, but their lives are not threatened, the Agency said.

A forensic examination of the remains of the deceased revealed that the dish contained bufotenin – a substance that is secreted from the skin in some species of frogs when you shake or when they feel danger approaching. The term comes from the name of the genus of frogs, Bufo. Excessive consumption bufotenine can lead to a fatal outcome.

The police believe that the deceased during fishing took frogs for the frogs-bulls, which are the largest species in its family. The weight of an adult of this amphibious can be from 450 to 600 grams. In appearance to the bullfrog and the toad are similar.

Bufotenin also considered as a natural psychedelic. From the plant, which contains this substance the natives of Peru and Haiti made a powder called “yopo” and use it during religious ceremonies and witchcraft.

A resident of South Korea, without examining the frogs, ate the toad and died 21.04.2017

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