The authorities of the Ukrainian Ministry said that Russian gas is not needed by the city, and a resident of the city who were collecting signatures under the appeal to “the occupation authorities” of the Crimea, engaged in law enforcement. About this “Gromadska radio” announced the mayor of the city Alexander Tulupov. Recently the media disseminated by the dialogue of the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov to President Vladimir Putin, during which the President again ordered to help needy Ukrainian city to stay warm in the winter.

After that, the head of Genichesky district state administration Alexander Vorobyov said local portal “New visit”, now in the city with gas, everything is fine: “I, as a Ukrainian, do not watch Russian TV channels, but judging by the incoming calls, understand what is happening. First, on the territory of the occupied Crimea there is its gas and they can not help. Secondly, we have a gas shortage could occur during high frost in a few weeks. And it is not enough only 30% of subscribers, of which only 6 thousand, not 70 thousand, as Russian propagandists are lying. Now in the Genichesky region of the gas is in surplus and we are able to help the Ukrainians in Crimea”.

Aksenov said about the upcoming increase in gas supplies to Genichensk

The mayor of the city Alexander Tulupov added that the appeal to the authorities of the Crimea is and what signatures it collects the Pro-Russian resident of Henichesk Eduard Kovalenko. The treatment he did not see, but knows that the work of Kovalenko investigating law enforcement officers.

The state Council Presidium meeting in Yaroslavl, the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov came to President Putin and told him that the residents of Genichesk Genichesk district, and again asked Russia for natural gas supplies. “Need help, – said Putin. – Do the same (as last year)”. In the evening a press-service of the government of the Crimea reported that at 20:28, the flow of gas across the border started.

A resident of the city who wanted Crimea to give gas, engaged in the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities 13.11.2016

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