In the State Committee for state registration and cadastre of the Republic of Crimea has addressed the full namesake of the President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. About this informed the head of the state registry Committee of the region Alexander Spiridonov, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“The fact was that this is ours, Crimean, Putin, living in the Dzhankoysky area. The match whereby more and month of birth – October”, – quotes the words Spiridonova Agency. The representative of the state registry Committee noted that the namesake of Putin appealed to the office with the application on introducing changes in technical documentation on immovable property.

This isn’t the first namesake of the Russian President, discovered media. Earlier, Putin found in Brjansk among the candidates for deputies of local Duma.

In August in the us state of Florida was arrested 48-year-old African-American Vladimir Putin. He was accused of unauthorized penetration to the supermarket and resisting police.

In April 2014, reporters found several of Putin in Ukraine. Some of them complained that with a name like that they find it difficult to find work at home.

In July of this year, the media wrote that the mayor of the Ukrainian city of Khmelnitsky, a member of the nationalist party “Freedom” Alexander Samchishin appointed his adviser entrepreneur Vladimir V. Putin.

In November last year, a namesake of the Russian President has died directly during a conference “United Russia” in Ulan-Ude. Alexander Putin was the Secretary of the primary branch of the party in the capital of Buryatia and a teacher of one of city schools.

In April 2003 it was reported about the arrest of Vladimir Putin with drugs on the Moscow ring road. A native of Moldova Valery V. Putin came to Moscow supposedly to work. Once in the capital, Putin decided not to get a job, led an idle life and was a heroin addict. In the ill-fated day, the namesake of the President agreed the next meeting with a drug dealer at the gas station on the ninth kilometer of the Moscow ring road. When Putin, his fellow countryman from Moldova and a native of Belarus got into the car and the seller paid 1.5 thousand rubles per 0.7 grams of heroin, all of them were arrested by the police.

Vladimir Putin some time was called and the resident of Arkhangelsk Andrew Khristoforov V.. Since 2003, he has managed to visit also the Posada Veselinovica Drawer-Enlightened, Dmitry Medvedev and Cavemanlike Gerard Depardieu.

A resident of the Crimea appeared the full namesake of the President of Russia 06.10.2016

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