The eagle one of the residents has become hostage to the absurd situation of a non-existent debt, which he attributes to the local branch of “Sberbank”. According to the newspaper “the Oryol news”, Alexander E. once received a SMS alert from the Bank stating that his property in the amount of 41 888 888 rubles arrested. As it turned out, the Executive proceedings were commenced in 1900, when the Emperor Nicholas II.

Blocked was his salary card, and incoming funds began to be deducted from the balance on the debt after receiving an advance, the man saw on his account the amount of -41 884 518 rubles and 59 kopecks.

It should be noted that in the Department of “Sberbank” HR Manager, despite the absurdity of the situation, gave him a certificate, which listed the cumulative arrest in the amount of almost 42 million rubles from January 1, 1900.

As rightly noted by Alexander, “Sberbank” – an organization of old, with a long history, but I do not live so much”. According to him, he was born 75 years after it was supposedly opened enforcement proceedings on his “debts”. “I have written on the same day claim response I still have not received,” – said a resident of the eagle.

It is worth noting that in UFSSP across the Oryol region Alexander was given a certificate, which States that no enforcement proceedings the bailiffs against him are not. “In further attempts to investigate the causes of this strange arrest and recovery, I was given a message about the result of the execution of the document, in which there is no name of the applicant. In Bank this information have refused to provide,” explained Alexander.

In the end, he asked the Prosecutor and the Investigative Committee, asking the Agency to conduct an audit of employees of “Sberbank” and find out the reasons for this “pre-revolutionary debt.” He also intends to sue for compensation for moral damage.

“Now it is difficult to say who led the “Sberbank” in the early twentieth century, of the known facts of this period include only those that around this time the then savings Bank received the right to pay to the state the money from the accounts, which for 30 years had no movement”, – the newspaper notes.

A resident of the eagle complained of “Sberbank”, which assigns the debt to 42 million rubles left over from the days of tsarist Russia 26.10.2016

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