Resident of the Kursk region was sentenced to nine years in prison for the murder of a potential son-in-law, came to him to close the roof.

According to the channel 46TV, 27-year-old native of the Central Asian republics lived with his fiancée and future mother-in-law in Kursk. At their request he went to the village Shemyakino to help “test” with the construction work. The night of the same day the bride’s father called the girl and asked to come to “pick up the corpse of the failed-in-law”.

Women arrived in the village with a police escort. Entering the house, they found a drunken dad, a bloody 30-centimeter knife and the lifeless body of a young man, said Kirill Pankov, the Deputy Prosecutor of the Kursk district, Kursk region.

During the investigation, the suspect claimed to have killed a dear guest by accident. According to him, the young man left his home around midnight. In the night master woke up, feeling that the house a stranger. He grabbed the knife to slaughter and started swinging, defending himself against an invisible enemy. Later, turning on the light, he found the body “in-law”, which without warning, went back to the house.

The investigators did not believe this story, and the state prosecutors proved to the court the intentional nature of the crime. The court agreed with the arguments of the prosecution and sentenced to nine years imprisonment in a strict regime colony. The verdict has not yet entered into force.

A resident of the Kursk region killed the fiancé of his daughter and asked her to pick up the body 10.10.2016

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