Police Angliskogo district of Yakutia cynical investigates a crime that a local resident committed under the influence of alcohol.

The duty of the police received a report that a drunken man stole elderly woman’s bag and stole the money. To the scene were sent to patrol private security. Due to timely signs described the robber was soon arrested 45-year-old man, who was returning from the alcoholic beverages store, according to SakhaLife.

It turned out that the suspect being drunk, started talking with the pensioners who went to work and helped them to navigate the icy road. He then abruptly pulled out a bag from one of the victims and ran away. As he ran he emptied the bag, leaving himself only money. Thrown things picked up and returned the old lady passing by students.

Criminal case is brought.

A resident of Yakutia translated the grandmother across the street and stole her bag 13.10.2016

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