The Zelenograd district court has sentenced to a year of imprisonment in a colony-settlement 20-the summer inhabitant of the Moscow district of Zelenograd Eugene Court, convicted under part 1 of article 282 (inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity) for publication in the social network, reports channel “Rain”.

On his page “Vkontakte” the Court published the image with the nationalist Maxim Martsinkevich, nicknamed Cleaver, Alexander Pushkin.

The indictment States that the picture depicts “conflict situation” between people like Martsinkevich and Pushkin. A survey conducted in the investigation of examination, the image is “a set of psychological and linguistic signs humiliation of non-Russians”.

According to investigators, the defendants published the image “demeans a group of persons according to the principles of nationality.” According to the verdict, the condemned should arrive to a colony-settlement.

The prosecution asked for a young man to two years imprisonment. The lawyer asked to justify it.

The defense has announced its intention to appeal the verdict. The Court claims that did not publish the image, and “accidentally saved it” the album on your page.

We will remind, Russia recently literally flooded with criminal cases related to publications in social networks. So, in June of this year a resident of the city Berdsk Maxim Karmelitski was sentenced to a year in prison for posting on his page in the social network photos from Epiphany bathing insulted the feelings of believers.

In July the inhabitant of Perm Vladimir Luzgina sentenced to a fine in the amount of 200 thousand rubles for the rehabilitation of Nazism. As reported, in 2014 the convicted person has posted on his page in the social network article, which, in particular, it was argued that the USSR and Germany jointly invaded Poland in 1939 and started the second world war.

In October retired from the Chuvash Republic Nikolay Egorov was found guilty of inciting hatred on grounds of nationality because 8 may 2014 posted on personal page “Vkontakte” open letter to Boris Stomakhin, earlier recognized as extremist material. The court sentenced Egorova to two years of imprisonment conditionally.

In may, a resident of Tver Andrei Bubeev received two years and three months in a colony-settlement for the repost material Stomakhin “Crimea is Ukraine” and pictures on the same topic on his page in the social network. Earlier, the blogger had already been sentenced for the same offense to 10 months of imprisonment.

In November last year, the Tula regional court left in force the verdict of the 27-year-old resident of the city Alexander Nikonov, who received three years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony of strict regime on charges of extremism. The reason for the criminal case became the record of a young person in a social network “Vkontakte”.

In December 2015 the Krasnodar activist Darya Polyudova, which was the organizer of the failed attack “March for federalization of Kuban”, was sent to two years in colony-settlement. She was found guilty of incitement to extremism and separatism, including through the Internet. In July 2016 Polyudova has filed documents for PAROLE.

Supreme court urged to pay more attention to reposts

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently called on to resist the incitement of ethnic hatred in Russia. About it as transfers TASS, the head of state said during a meeting of the Council for interethnic relations in Astrakhan.

Meanwhile, the Supreme court (SC) of Russia has urged to pay attention to reposts in cases under article 282 of the criminal code. In the course of the Plenum of the RF Supreme judge of the Supreme court Oleg Steepin noted problems in the classification of reposts in social networks.

In this regard, the Plenum of the armed forces gave a new explanation for the jurisprudence of these criminal cases. In particular, the court held that while considering such cases is necessary “to proceed from the totality of all the circumstances of the offense and to consider the context, form and content of posted information, the availability and content of reviews or other expressions of relationship to it”, reports RAPSI.

A resident of Zelenograd, has received year of prison for the repost of the picture with Pushkin and Cleaver 03.11.2016

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