Among the teachers of Russian language and literature in Saint-Petersburg took part in the survey, the results of which really upset the President of the Russian Academy of education, Vice-Chairman of the Society of Russian literature, St. Petersburg state University rector Lyudmila Verbitskaya.

“The findings just tragic. Because many teachers of Russian language and literature in St. Petersburg could not cope with the questionnaires, which were given to the children. I don’t know how they teach students. I think there should be specific rules of admission to educational institutes. Let say that it is a violation of democracy. We are lacking good textbooks and teachers of high quality”, – said Verbitskaya.

She stressed that the results showed large gaps in knowledge of teachers, reports “Rosbalt”.

As for her statement about the exclusion from the curriculum of “War and peace” and some of the novels of Fyodor Dostoevsky, as children are unable to understand their entire depth, Verbitskaya said that he had not proposed to exclude these stories from the program.

“All reference to me, but this is pure lie. I was only talking about the fact that the study of the novel “War and peace” in school is a very difficult thing. Did you know that 70% of teachers don’t even read the book from beginning to end, and teach children? The child may not understand the depth of this brilliant philosophical novel. Children only pay attention to the fact that someone out there who loved what was there on the balcony. Might be worth exploring other works of Leo Tolstoy. However, I say that then the children have never in my life do not open this novel and not read. Perhaps, then individual scenes are there to take”, – said Verbitskaya.

A school teacher of Russian language and literature in St. Petersburg failed with a verification questionnaires, in contrast to the students 01.12.2016

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