In the Belgian capital Brussels has been a series of explosions: two were recorded at the airport of the city, also the attack took place in the subway. Banned in Russia terrorist group “Islamic state” (DAYS) took responsibility for the bombings.

The Agency Reuters with reference to the Belgian Agency Belga reported about one killed, Belgian television initially spoke of “several victims”, but later said more than ten victims. In Twitter appeared the data about the 11 victims. The explosions were followed by gunshots and shouting in Arabic.

The channel RTBF, which refers to Reuters and Sky Newsreported 13 dead. About 35 people were injured and taken to hospital, the source told channel among the medical staff. Edition reported about 11 victims.

The portal Het Nieuwsblad reported 43 victims of terrorist attacks, without specifying how many of the victims at the airport and in the subway.

Rescuers carried people on stretchers. Many of the victims were injured from shards of glass crashed inside the arrival hall and collapsed ceiling tiles, notes “Interfax”.

Prime Minister of Belgium commented on the series of explosions in Brussels: “what we feared”

Explosions at the airport of Brussels officially recognized as a terrorist attack, Reuters reports. Also the Belgian TV channel VRTreferenced in the Agency, said that the attack at the airport was carried out by a suicide bomber. Source TASS in the Belgian capital said that the terrorists used three bombs. “Terrorists used three to double bomb explosion at the airport”, – he said.

According to Sky News, the explosions occurred at American Airlines. Explosion was such force that the walls shook. Evacuation is carried out. Currently the airport is closed. Rail transport, EN route to the airport, stopped on the way.

Some time after the terrorist attack at the airport there was an explosion in the subway. According to some reports, the explosions were at least two. After the incident, all of metro city were closed, passengers evacuated. Eyewitnesses reported that he saw wounded, but their number is still unknown. According to one source, the victims of the terrorist attacks in the subway – 10, according to other sources – 15. Later on the street Lua a bomb squad has destroyed a suspicious package using a controlled explosion.

It is reported that the Belgian authorities raised the terrorist threat level in the country. Also the Belgian police asked people to stay away from explosions, to stay where they are in the moment, and do not call for mobile phones because the network is overloaded. Residents recommended the use of text messages. In Brussels were also buried underground and railway station, said the Belgian crisis center in Twitter.

Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel was named March 22 as “black day” for the country and confirmed that in Brussels there were three explosions, two at the airport, one in the subway.

According to preliminary data, victims among the Russian citizens as a result of explosions in Brussels no, reports TASS with reference to the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Belgium Nadezhda Petrova.

Explosions in Brussels occurred four days after the Belgian police managed to detain Salah of Abdeslam – organizer of terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November last year.

#BREAKING: Two loud explosions at #Zaventem airport in #Brussels

Anna Ahronheim (@AAhronheim) 22 March 2016.

IMAGE: Damage inside Brussels airport

— The Int’l Spectator (@intlspectator) 22 March 2016.

Update: Several injuries reported after large explosions at @AmericanAir departure hall

Anna Ahronheim (@AAhronheim) 22 March 2016.

NBC: European officials suspected of masterminding the terrorist attacks “Islamic state”

The explosions at the airport and the metro of the capital of Belgium may be prohibited in Russia terrorist group “Islamic state”.

This assumption is expressed in an interview to NBC News senior source in the European structures to combat terrorism.

Itself a terrorist organization has already confirmed his involvement in the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

European airports tightened security measures, Belgium has closed the border with France

In the Paris airport Charles-de-Gaulle airports were strengthened security measures after the attacks in Belgium. Dutch law enforcement authorities also said they were tightening security measures at airports and the southern border with Belgium.

French newspaper La Liberation reported that the Belgian authorities decided to close the border with France. It was also suspended the movement of road and rail transport, including high-speed Thalys trains in both directions.

The EU Council has today cancelled all meetings in Brussels. Representatives of the Council stressed that the EU priority is the safety of staff and visitors of the EU institutions, notes “Interfax”. In all the institutions of the European Union the threat level raised to orange. Was also strengthened protection in the headquarters of NATO.

The French press reported that French President Francois Hollande will hold at the Elysee Palace emergency meeting with Premier-Minister Manuel Valls, the French interior Minister Bernard Kaznenom and head of the defense Ministry of France Jean-Yves Le Drian.

In the UK, held an urgent meeting of the government security Committee Cobra. This was written by Prime Minister David Cameron in his Twitter.

“I will hold a meeting of “Cobra” in connection with events in Brussels later
this morning, he said. – I am shocked and concerned by the events in Brussels. We will do our best to help”.

A series of explosions in Brussels: airport evacuated, the subway closed. There are victims 22.03.2016

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