In the Indonesian capital Jakarta on Thursday was rocked by several explosions, according to AFP. On the streets squads of armed police, security forces and military are exchanging fire with the militants.

AFP initially reported three victims. Indonesian media reported five killed. In particular, this was reported by the portal Detik.comnoting that the identity of the victims is not installed. Edition of Kompas, also conveyed information about five dead, including dead a police officer.

However, Reuters later reported, citing the head of the local police Anton Charlian that killed six people – three policemen and three civilians Carlen also said that criminals who had organized the attack, used grenades. He noted that the police are pursuing the militants, who have entrenched themselves on the roof of the building under the name “Horizon”, also known as “the Jakarta theater”, reports TASS. This building “the Horizon” is close to Sarinah shopping Mall, where the attackers behind the attack using grenades and firearms.

Reuters, citing police reports that at least one explosion was arranged by a suicide bomber. In total, according to preliminary estimates, the attack involved up to 14 militants.

According to the head of the police, earlier the authorities had received threats from banned in the Russian Federation the terrorist group “Islamic state” (DAYS) that Indonesia will become a target to them after raids on suspected militants. He stressed that it is still unknown who is behind the series of attacks, but did not rule out that the attack was made by the representatives of the IG.

Media reported that several explosions thundered near Sarinah shopping Mall and the embassies of Turkey and Pakistan. In the message with reference to the witnesses referred to the undermining of the police post on one of the Central streets of the city.

According to the newspaper Kompas, two explosions occurred at Sarinah Thamrin shopping Mall across from Starbucks. The area of the explosions, according to the media, cordoned off by police and military.

Note that the last major terrorist attacks in Jakarta occurred on July 17, 2009, when militants detonated bombs in the Ritz Carlton and Marriott. Then responsibility for the attacks was assumed banned in the Russian Federation, the group “al-Qaeda”.

A series of explosions in Indonesia: six people were killed 14.01.2016

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