A third of kvass, sold in Russian stores, is actually a carbonated drink flavored kvass. This conclusion, according to TASS, it follows from the results of a study conducted by the NGO “Rascacielo”.

“An important conclusion of the study was that under the name “kvas” can sell not only the product of fermentation of kvass wort, but carbonated drink with a taste of kvass. So, a third of the samples studied or prepared through natural fermentation, and with the help of artificial aeration and blending, or contain artificial additives”, – said in the report about the study.

However, this is not a violation if the drinks were produced on their own specifications (TU). Safety check thus passed nearly all the samples.

In only three cases showed a discrepancy brew for microbiological indicators (producers of “Appetizing all Year Round”, “Bouquet of Chuvashia” and “Suzdal drinks”). Samples of these beverages was found to exceed the mandatory standards for the maintenance of yeast and mold.

Eight samples revealed sugar substitutes and sweeteners, but their presence was indicated on the package, that is also not a violation. Only the manufacturer of kvass “Eco brew” introduced a buyer in misleading, hiding the fact of sharethemusic substances.

Also found one sample with a high content of alcohol (1.5%) and, conversely, one sample of “non-alcoholic” brew, which did not contain alcohol were made by GOST on soft drinks.

“Excess in the number of alcohol evidence a clear violation of the technological process: the conditions were created in which the yeast rambled longer than expected. But if alcohol very little or not at all, it is likely that fermentation is not happening at all, and the product is created by blending. In front of us again kvass, a carbonated drink” – said the Deputy Director General of the National Union of producers of beer and beverages, candidate of biological Sciences Valery Isaev.

A third checked kvass in Russia was soda with additives 24.05.2017

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