A year after the collapse of the barracks airborne training center in Omsk, which killed 24 people, the main defendants in this case Alexander Dorofeev and Dmitry Basov was released, writes “Kommersant”. The range themselves involved in the investigation has expanded. According to the publication, in addition to his builders repairing the barracks before the collapse, was the designer in charge of the reconstruction plan, and two employees of the Ministry of defense who were supposed to carry out technical supervision of construction.

The newspaper reminds that even before the freedom came out the first accused in the case of the collapse of the barracks – Colonel Oleg Ponomarev. He was accused that he rushed to check people in not examined by specialists of the barracks. However, the military explained that he was forced to do it, since cadets had to live practically on the street.

Further investigation revealed that the repair of the barracks was carried out with violations: project work was conducted, the facility was not visited by the representatives of the copyright, construction and technical supervision, acceptance of works was signed.

In this regard, the investigation has expanded the circle of the accused. Among them were the Deputy head of the Siberian branch of the office of the customer of capital construction (UOS) of the Ministry of defense Sabastian, senior engineer inspection of technical supervision of the same branch Krivoruchko, as well as project office Director, SMU N 916 of the Federal state unitary enterprise “special construction Directorate N9 at Spetsstroy Russia” Ergenin.

All these people who were supposed to represent the builders of the redevelopment plan and monitor the progress of work, the military consequence incriminates the violation of the rules of construction, which caused the death of 24 people. A similar charge was given to the representative of “Imaxtree” Dmitry Basov, directly led to the reconstruction of the barracks on behalf of the General Director of firm yield.

Thus, under the custody of the accused were only Basov tried to hide from law enforcement. The other defendants were released on recognizance not to leave.

Dorofeev and Basov held in jail for less than a year and was released on his own recognizance. A source close to the military Prosecutor’s office, said that the investigation did not seek extension of his arrest for the builders as all the required investigation evidence was collected and the readings documented.

The collapse of the spans of slabs in a four-storey barracks of the 242nd airborne training center in the village of Svetly near Omsk took place on 12 July 2015. At the time of the tragedy the building was home to 337 soldiers. 23 of them died on the spot, 19 were hospitalized, one of the victims later died. As a result, the number of victims has reached 24 people.

The reasons for the collapse of the barracks at the end of July 2015 called the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The Minister said that, according to preliminary data, the tragedy occurred because of the poor quality of masonry walls 1975 and errors in repair 2013. Later, a military investigation revealed a direct link between the emergency and repair works carried out in the barracks for a year and a half before the tragedy. Later, all five barracks, built on a project on the territory of the training center, was demolished.

A year after the tragedy in Omsk, which struck the barracks, all the accused were released 22.07.2016

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