The Swedish Minister, a Muslim Aida Hadzialic resign because of drunk driving, reports Reuters. At the age of 27 years Hadzialic became the youngest Minister in Swedish history and was led by the Ministry of higher education and training within two years.

Hadzialic said at a press conference that she was stopped by police on the bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. She returned home after dinner in Copenhagen. In the blood revealed 0.2 ppm alcohol. As Reuters reports, Sweden is the limit after which a driver is considered drunk, and it is relatively low in comparison with most other countries.

In Russia, the allowable rate of alcohol vapors is less than 0.16 mg per liter of exhaled air, which is approximately 0.35 ppm. Cancelling effect until 2013, “zero” norm lawmakers have stressed that this measure aims to eliminate the possible error of the breathalyzer, and is not an indulgence for drivers.

“I chose it (the resignation), as I believe that to have committed serious misconduct,” said Hadzialic.

In 2014, after the victory of a coalition of centrist and leftist in the election Hadzialic was appointed Minister.

In Sweden she came to the age of five with his family who fled Bosnia and granted refugee status.

A young Swedish Minister, a Muslim resigns for driving drunk 13.08.2016

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