The CBS is negotiating about the prospects of the spin-off of “the big Bang Theory”, which is supposed to tell about his youth, one of the main characters, Sheldon Cooper.

The new show will be called “Sheldon” and will be a prequel to the original story of the brilliant physicists. The hero’s life describes his 12 years of age. The childhood of Sheldon Cooper was frequently mentioned in the series: it is known that he was born in Texas, he has an older brother George, twin sister Missy, and grandmother, who first appeared on screen in the 14th series of the ninth season. The mother of the hero, open and ardent Christian, also repeatedly appeared in “Theory”, where she played Laurie Metcalf. Her alcoholic father child Prodigy, Sheldon has never been close to my family, and my grandfather died when he was only five years old, recalls The Hollywood Reporter.

The producers of “Sheldon” will become the Creator of the “TBB” Chuck Lorre, Executive producer Steve Molaro and actor Jim Parsons received for the role of Sheldon Cooper, several Emmys. The first episodes have aired in the following season.

“The Big Bang theory” airs on CBS since 2007 and is considered the most popular Comedy television series of all. Starring Jim Parsons, johnny Galecki and kaley cuoco to get $ 1 million for every episode. The current season is the tenth and possibly the last. Many episodes of the series turned into memes and videomaterialy.

About youth Sheldon Cooper from “Big Bang Theory” will take the prequel series 08.11.2016

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