Currently, the Russian monopoly “Gazprom” carries out record-breaking gas deliveries to Europe (more than 600 million cubic meters per day) compared to similar indicators in the past, including the Soviet period. While in Moscow do not believe that Europe is this dependent on Russia. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin at the meeting with the workers Eterno, OOO in Chelyabinsk, reports “Interfax”. In addition, the President while interacting with the factory workers admittedthat he would like “to successfully end his career.”

The head of state called not absolutely groundless “the idea” the popular belief that those who buy Russian gas, fall into dependence on Moscow. “This is absolutely stupid, worthless argument, because it’s interdependence,” – said Putin.

Speaking about the project of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2″, the Russian President noted that for its realization it is all perspective. “Despite the difficulties that lay in the fact that Poland has not given authorization, despite this, all participants in the project remained primarily foreign our partners: German, Austrian firm, a Dutch firm, French”, – said Putin, adding that he had no doubts about the successful implementation of the project.

In August of this year, Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden during his official visit to Stockholm, where he met with Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan löfven, saidthat the gas pipeline project “Nord stream – 2″ is a disadvantage for Europe and the agreement between Gazprom and the EU – “a bad deal”.

“No country should not use energy as a weapon. “Nord stream – 2″ is a bad deal for Europe. Now is a bad time to enhance Europe’s dependence on Russian gas,” – he explained. According to Biden, the need for Europe to diversify its energy market. In addition, according to him, the gas pipeline project “could destabilize Ukraine.”

Biden stressed that the energy policy of the project is contrary to the objectives of the EU to reduce dependence on individual suppliers of gas. Journalists noted that the United States consider the project as an opportunity for Russia to drive a wedge between European countries and to pit them against each other, given that some States require gas supplies.

In may this year, the head of U.S. state Department John Kerry saidthat the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream 2″ will have negative consequences for the countries of Eastern Europe, including Ukraine and Slovakia.

“The project has generated very lively debates on both sides of the Atlantic, and we are convinced that he definitely will have a negative impact on Ukraine, Slovakia and Eastern Europe. We must not miss that,” said Kerry.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that the gas pipeline project “Nord stream – 2″ is purely commercial. In this case, attempts to block it, according to the foreign Minister, are political in nature, and the United States through their very close friends in NATO “are trying to create difficulties.”

“Nord stream – 2″ involves the construction of two pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas off the coast of Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany. Against the implementation of the project are the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania and Ukraine.

Putin advised the workers of the plant “is necessary to deal with personal life”

At the meeting with workers Eterno, OOO in Chelyabinsk, the President advised all to live by the principle “the more you do, the more time”. This advice the head of state gave in answer to the question, when he manages to find time for a personal life.

“How do you know that I have all the time? The more you do, the more time”, – said Putin and added: “But everything is good in moderation”. The President noted that “my personal life should deal with a must.” The head of state stressed that the President lives and works to make the Russians happy.

The management of the Chelyabinsk tube rolling plant (CHTPZ) has presented to Putin the book about the history of the development of the enterprise. The gift was handed to the Russian President during his communication with the staff of the CTRP.

Advisor for science and technology Vladimir Osadchy has announced a gift to the President before its delivery. “Vladimir Vladimirovich, you had to give a book, which was released to the anniversary of the former factory Director Yakov Pavlovich Osadchy. If not gave, given now or in the near future”, – said the employee of the plant.

“Squeezed, now will be forced to do it”, – Putin responded. Immediately after this, the book sent to the President. “You have to say has already been found,” – commented with a smile, the President.

Putin spoke about the dream “successfully complete a career”

While chatting with the head of state one of the young workers of the plant told the President his dream: “I plan in the next five years to build a successful career in our company”. Then the man asked the President, what hope does he have. “I want to successfully complete my career,” Putin replied, prompting laughter in the hall, journalists said.

On the question whether there is something the President never makes, or hobby that he wanted to do, Putin acknowledged that “loves to travel”. “Today, all my trips down to the fact that I’m in the airport, he move in a room, then back to the airport, that’s kind of where it went. I would, of course, another way to travel, see nature, historical sites,” he said.

“Absolutely worthless” argument: Putin commented on the idea of Europe’s dependence on Russian gas 05.12.2016

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