Academics supported the deprivation of the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky degree in history. Letter to the members of the “Club of July 1,” published “Kommersant”. They claim that the Minister “substitute historical facts pseudoscientific myths” and call for the resignation of the leadership of the Higher attestation Commission, which recalled the case of deprivation of degree from Ural Federal University. The Ministry of culture explain what is happening in politics, and low competence of the academics, most of which are physics and mathematics.

“The club on 1 July” – an informal Association of academicians and corresponding members, who disagree with the reform of the RAS. There are many leading Russian scientists, including several members of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences. “Humanists, especially historians, in the minority, but the story of the thesis, Vladimir Medinsky, hurt many, – explained “Kommersant” one of the authors of the letter, corresponding member of RAS historian Askold Ivanchik. – We are talking about the issue, far beyond any specific discipline: essential for any scientist the question of the protection of science and the scientific worldview from pseudoscience”.

Scientists outraged that “the criterion of truth and the reliability of historical work,” Vladimir Medinsky “declares the conformity of the “Russian interests”, the right to which he himself assigns”.

“We believe that the solution to the question of the thesis must relate to the competence of scientists, and no administrative pressure is unacceptable, – the statement says. – The unprecedented intervention of the leadership of the WAC in the professional examination of the thesis discreditied the entire system of scientific promotion in Russia.” The letter has 24 signatures.

Press Secretary of the Minister of culture Irina Kaznacheeva explains what is happening: “Many scientists this whole project (thesis Medina) was perceived as a political order Among the members of the “Club July 1,” the signatories, mainly physics and mathematics. They never hid the negative attitude towards everything that makes power. Therefore, in this situation it is not surprising that physics was supported by poets”.

The statement on deprivation of Medina doctoral degree was filed in April by historians by Vyacheslav Kozakovem and Konstantin Erusalimsky, along with an expert “Discerneth” Ivan Babitsky. In their opinion, the thesis of the Minister “Problems of objectivity in the coverage of Russian history in the second half of the XV-XVII centuries” and unscientific “in places absurd.” In addition, the applicants noted that Medina was included in the list of publications non-existent work, and were published in journals related to his scientific Advisor.

Academics supported the deprivation of the Medina degree 28.10.2016

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